The Unexpected Morality of Game of Thrones

Samuel L Houston

Samuel is a Game of Thrones fan, reporting from law school.

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9 Responses

  1. Ozzy! says:

    The problem is the descriptor “Mad”, which was earned many times over by Aerys, but now being bestowed on Dany, when she isn’t a “Mad” Queen. Certainly not in the same way.

    In my head version of westeros, no one bats an eye at sacking KL. Dany rules on for a while, maybe well, maybe not. Maybe there is some War!

    Anyway, read and find out as GRRM has no pages.Report

  2. I thought the ending would have a sort of I, Claudius thing, but I thought it would be Tyrion, not Bran, that wound up as ruler. I think Bran as ruler makes sense and is also something unexpected, to kudos to George/Dan and Dave for it.Report

  3. I thought the ending would have a sort of I, Claudius thing, but I thought it would be Tyrion, not Bran, that wound up as ruler. I think Bran as ruler makes sense and is also something unexpected, so kudos to George/Dan and Dave for it.Report

  4. North says:

    Yeah if you drill past the layers of terrible writing in the latter seasons you find a superstructure that is relatively coherent, sound and, indeed, even a little profound. Of course that underlying superstructure is all that R.R. Martin gave the show runners to go on for the latter seasons. If anyone ever tries to sneer at the talents of actual authors vs those of Hollywood script writers then Game of Thrones is about as empirical a test as you can find to demonstrate that the latter tend to be, simply, better.
    When they had the meat and bones of the actual novels to run off of (and the genuine knowledge that the fan base would shred them if they went too gaga with that material) the script writers turned out pretty great work. Then as they got past the limits of the novels the script writers turned in pap and it all went to hell but for the underlying themes.Report

  5. George Turner says:

    Well, now that he’s back in the North, Jon can guard against the white walkers who wiped out all the Dothraki in season eight, episode three, which is why they weren’t around to sack King’s Landing, put Danyraes on the throne, or send Jon into exile guarding against the white walkers who are all dead and gone – for all eternity.

    Varys and Tyrion knew Danyraes was going to turn evil because they’d read ahead in the script. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have had a clue that while riding her dragon over King’s Landing she’d suffer a brain aneurysm and torch everybody.

    The whole ending was Magic Eight Ball, not writing.Report

  6. “Jon Snow is an able ruler”

    Everyone says this but I never saw any evidence of it. He’s a good man but his own Night’s Watch turned on him, he almost lost the Battle of the Bastards and he almost lost the Battle of Winterfell. He makes wrong decision after wrong decision. Westeros is better off with him on the Wall.Report

    • George Turner in reply to Michael Siegel says:

      Well, at the end Tyrion picked Bran to rule, saying he had the best story. Really? Bran didn’t even show up for a whole season, and nobody who witnessed anything he did made it back to confirm any details. Had Tyrion even engaged Bran in any serious conversation? Whatever “story” Tyrion referred to must have occurred in seasons that never got written.

      And the writers immediately threw in the disastrous comment from Bran, where he said he was there because he knew he was going to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. He of course could have warned everyone about what was going to happen, saving perhaps millions of needless and horrible deaths, but that might have kept him from assuming the throne. He’s worse than the mad king, Cirsei, and Danyraes combined. Perhaps he put an inept, uneducated, corrupt thief in charge of the treasury so he could loot it forever.

      There was so much that was so bad in those last two seasons. With everyone acting completely out of character, or completely contrary to their established character, that none of their actions make any sense.

      Worse, the smart ones became very stupid. Tyrion is suddenly always wrong, Danyraes became an idiot who forgot all about the Iron Fleet and flew straight into it, right off the coast of King’s Landing. Jon couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, but conveniently an undead dragon was unable to kill him in one-on-one combat that dragged on and on, even though it could destroy entire castles with its breath.

      It was all forced and hurried, slapped together without regard to characters, logic, plot, or story telling.Report

    • James K in reply to Michael Siegel says:

      Both Danaerys and Jon are subversions of The Chosen One in fantasy. Jon because he is entirely unsuited to rule and makes mistake after mistake. Danaerys because she’s an Evil Overlord, but framed in a way to make her look like a Chosen One.Report