Monthly Archive: June 2019

Nancy Pelosi

House on Fire

Nancy Pelosi did not suddenly forget how to run the house, so the answer must be in the new makeup of her caucus.

democratic candidates

The Democratic Candidates: Em’s Perspective

It has seemed a waste of time to get invested in a candidate, but after the debates held the last two nights, I can now say there are some standouts for me.


Debatable: The Slog in South Beach Part 1

10 candidates, almost as many moderators, 2 languages, 1 glaring technical glitch, and a whole lot of crosstalk: Night one of the Democratic debates is in the books.


Rather Poorly Regulated

The uninitiated might be forgiven for thinking NRATV is the name of a soap opera or reality show


Wednesday Writs for 6/26

Your Wednesday Writs are packed: SCOTUS on flag burning, the first familial DNA murder trial; THAT lawyer, dumb criminals, the F word and more.

The Wedding Guest

When a friend needs to heel for a feller.