Saturday Morning Gaming: Mutant Year Zero


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3 Responses

  1. Is the video game called Mutant Year Zero? You don’t mention the game at all in your piece.

    Also DLC? Not even once. Release the full game, ffs.Report

    • Dang it, yes. The game is called Mutant Year Zero.

      As for DLC, I kinda agree, I kinda don’t. It depends on the DLC. I’ve played a number of games where I put them down and thought “man, that was awesome! I wish I could have another 2 hours with this! Another 10!”

      When DLC is like an expansion pack, I don’t mind it.

      When DLC is content that ought to be in the game but they bait and switch you (Mass Effect 3’s Javik, is a great example), it’s infuriating.

      Mutant Year Zero gives a decent 20 hours of gameplay and leaves you wanting more. That’s more like the former than the latter.Report

  2. Fish says:

    It’s a fun game. The combat and the stealth systems feel clunky until you get used to the mechanics. And I did manage to get myself stuck in an insta-kill situation that I couldn’t get out of (it involved sneaking past a bunch of enemies and then getting immediately spotted by them and murdered in the face on my way back) so save often! But the world is amazing and the story seems pretty cool. Definitely pick it up on sale.Report