Saturday Morning Gaming: Crash Pandas II


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9 Responses

  1. Pinky says:

    Skulls for the Skull Throne! A Games Workshop / Warhammer sale this weekend on Steam!Report

  2. Doctor Jay says:

    I had so much fun reading this.Report

  3. Fish says:

    I cannot echo Jaybird enough in saying how surprisingly FUN this game was. If your gaming group is really good at storytelling you’ve got to try this out. I sent it to my oldest son (along with the link to this story for some flavor) because his gaming group is full of writers and I know they’ll enjoy it as much as we did.Report

  4. This is a wonderful read. I am glad you are having fun.Report

  5. DensityDuck says:

    That sounds REALLY fun!Report

  6. Llewinidas says:

    We just played through a session with this game using Roll20 and Zoom and what a hilarious blast. We did not quite make it to the final scene/race night but everyone has had an awesome time so far and is looking forward to wrapping it up again soon.Report

  7. George Turner says:

    Earlier tonight I was watching Anna (That Star Wars Girl) do part of play through of Knight of the Old Republic II, Sith Lords. While I was watching and chatting on her Youtube channel, Brian Brenze, who did much of the character design for KOTOR and KOTOR II (and many other famous games), popped into chat, happily watching Anna enjoy the characters designs he created.

    He drew all the various beasts, came up with the faceless look of Darth Nilius (inspired by an earlier Japanese character), and drew Handmaiden in her underwear, etc. A few of us were chatting away with him while Anna played on, with no idea (despite my best efforts to let her know) that a major creator of the game she was playing was in her chat watching her play the game. ^_^

    So while she played on, oblivious to it all, we were learning all sorts of things. For example, the day Brian started designing Atton (the pilot of the Ebon Hawk), Robert Palmer died, so Atton’s look was based on Robert Palmer. He drew Nikko, the young Pazzak player in the bar on Onderon, on the winner of a fan contest. Finally, before she went to bed, she read more superchats, including his, and realized that the most interesting man in the world (at that moment, given the context and her degree in 3-D character graphic design), had spent the last few hours watching her play, and was listening to her read his superchat. My heart soared. Finally!

    Anyway, she was humbled and impressed. She mistakenly thought “Brian Brenze” was a pseudonym to protect him from retaliation from the industry, but he replied in chat that he was so well established that nobody could touch him.
    She invited him to contact her at any time and in any way, and hopefully this will turn into a very good interview opportunity where they can discuss art, character design, video game development, Star Wars game development, and dozens of other topics.Report

  1. December 28, 2019

    […] the one that blew me away was Crash Pandas and it’s a free PDFfree PDFfree PDF. Seriously, I can’t believe how much fun it was. It was fun to the point where I’d say that my “Game of the Year” was that. You […]Report