Weekend Plans Post: Never Do Anything Nice For Anybody


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  1. DensityDuck says:

    Gonna go visit the old town and spend the entire weekend fretting over whether it would be weird to drive past our old house and go to the door and ask if we can go inside and look around.

    Actually I’m pretty sure it would definitely be weird but the real debate is whether we’d be too embarrassed to do it anyway.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to DensityDuck says:

      Drive past it. What they’ve done with the place doesn’t matter on the inside. They’ll have put the couch in the wrong spot and the television in someplace that doesn’t even make sense and they’ll have put the silverware in the wrong drawer. That’s fine.

      Just drive past and see that they dug up your roses. Even though your roses were good and would have survived with little more than watering, pruning, some fertilizer sticks from time to time, and a Styrofoam dome for the winter.Report

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Oh man, I remember moving here. My parents helped me. My dad driving a U-Haul with what furniture I had acquired (bedframe, mattress and box spring, sofa, a few chairs, a small desk) and my clothes and some other stuff, my mom and I following in their minivan with the stuff of mine that might not do as well in a non-climate-controlled truck (it was July).

    My in-town move was facilitated by colleagues; I moved most of the small stuff myself over a period of days but the big stuff a bunch of them helped with (one had a pickup, and also there was lots of muscle to lift the heavy stuff). I paid them in barbecue and beer….

    If I were moving again I’d hire people. (And hire a second, specialist, company for my Steinway; I wouldn’t trust a nearly-100-year-old piano to just some rando with a truck). I hope I don’t have to move again, at least not at this point.

    This weekend is going to be spent relaxing and getting ready for some travel (going to visit family) next week. I had thought of going antiquing but they’re making noises on the news about 3″-4″ of rain so I’m thinking maybe not, after all.Report

    • DensityDuck in reply to fillyjonk says:

      Two things I’ve learned about moving:
      1) hiring people is always more expensive than you expect
      2) no matter how much it costs it’s worth itReport

      • Aaron David in reply to DensityDuck says:

        Yeah, totally worth it. Two of our last three moves were based around my wife’s job/career and the Universities paid moving expenses. Holy cow was it awesome!Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    This weekend I will be taking it relatively easy. I have a final to take. We might try to make it to the museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Other than that, there is not too much.

    After this begins the flurry of activity as we prepare to move to Tennessee at the beginning of June. I accepted a job offer, and I will be leaving the job that I have had for over 15 years. It’s exciting, but trying to prepare for a move while working and keeping up with classes is a bit daunting. Fortunately, my wife got laid off a couple weeks ago, and she is able to handle a lot of the logistics. And fortunately, having so much to take care of is helping keep her mind off of the fact that she was laid off.

    And yes, we are hiring people to handle the packing and moving. The company paid for movers when I relocated to Texas, and I will never again do it myself.Report

  4. LeeEsq says:

    The illustrating picture seems to be of an order of Catholic monks dedicated to pest control.Report

  5. dragonfrog says:

    It’s Victoria Day long weekend, so yay long weekend!

    Mr T’s cousin is visiting for a couple of days, which everyone on the house but me had remembered apparently. He’s going to help us figure out some renovations that have been on the back burner for a year and a half, since the arrival of child the younger (bit of a busman’s holiday for him). Having him as a guest for child the elder’s birthday dinner last night was lovely.

    I’m thinking of taking the kids to the new museum, which I’ve not visited yet, and currently has the largest traveling collection of Viking artifacts.Report

  6. Aaron David says:

    Real quiet up here. The Wife just took a major promotion and has been busy doing that job, plus her old job until that is backfilled. So, she will be resting tomorrow but on Sunday is going to a pig butchering class. I, on the other hand, am dancing between the raindrops to get some needed outside maintenance, such as the rear door banister.

    It’s nice to be half retired.Report

  7. Saul Degraw says:

    Someone I went to college with died this week. He was also in the same major/department. He was a maybe a bit too older and apparently a real character that everyone loved. The problem is that I have really no memory of him. His name and nicknames sound familiar. His look/face do not. This is a very odd feeling.Report

  8. Marchmaine says:

    “going to a pig butchering class” or as I call it, Therapy.

    On the road right now from Wash to Bosh for Daughter’s college Graduation. I’d wax poetic about growing old…but we have 5 more to go and youngest is only 4…so not old, just tired.Report

  9. Saul Degraw says:

    Taiwan just became the first nation in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.Report

  10. Fish says:

    Lots of activity in the house this weekend and luckily, very little of it requires my direct involvement. Oldest boy has both of his gaming groups meeting at our place–one Saturday, one Sunday. They’re all pretty much self-sustaining so all we really have to do is provide snacks and goad the boy into cleaning up before and after. Saturday morning is the FA Cup final (Manchester City vs. Watford (boo)). Me and a friend are off to see John Wick III Saturday afternoon. Monday my favorite cousin and her husband arrive for a week-long stay so that will involve prepping the guest room a bit. And Steam tells me that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is 25% off so maybe I’ll finally pull the trigger on that.Report

  11. George Turner says:

    I will spend the weekend trying to come to terms with the untimely death of Grumpy Cat. She was only seven and died of a urinary tract infection.

    How should I feel about it? She was so grumpy looking. Is she happier now? She won a Friskies lifetime achievement award before age two. How do you get one with life knowing you’ll never top that? Could that ennui contribute to grumpiness?

    Her owner said she was making in the low six figures off her, and speculation on the total ranges anywhere from $1 million to $100 million. Surely a cat can’t make $100 million when so many other cats are struggling just to break even.Report