The King of the Monsters

Luis A. Mendez

Boricua. Florida Man. Theist. Writer. Critic. Oscar Predictor. Godzilla Fanboy. Member Of The Critics Association Of Central Florida And The Puerto Rico Critics Association.

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4 Responses

  1. greginak says:

    I’m looking forward to the new Big G also. I’ve also been a fan since i was a little kid so all the little details, the classic roar, the old music, are all gold to me. When the Big G fights KK he better kick the apes butt. I’m sure they will have some drama but i’m still not over G getting chased off by KK in the 70’s. The big ape is only really good for mining Element X for shadowy super villains.

    I have enjoyed the new anime series even if it is 1:30 hours of movie stretched to 3 hours so far.Report

  2. This is an amazing piece!! I loved it. Never knew all the backstory, really appreciate it!Report

  3. Great piece! I wrote a similar one for OT a few years ago, though it’s more of a personal essay:

  4. CJColucci says:

    My father’s second wife was Japanese and brought a young son to the marriage. One year, my wife and I were doing Christmas shopping and we were trying to find something for Eddie. We passed a display of plastic giant reptile monsters. One of them was Godzilla. I reached for it, remarking: “Japanese kids love Godzilla.” My wife gave me a look, and I grabbed another, less recognizable monster.
    When we opened presents, Eddie looked at what we had brought and said: “Oh, boy, just like Godzilla!”Report