Rating the Mueller Report

Andrew Donaldson

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  1. George Turner says:

    Another possible consideration is that Barr had already told everyone what the report’s conclusions were, that it found no collusion and reached no decision on obstruction, and that he wouldn’t be moving forward with anything except working on the redactions. So when it did get released, there was no anticipated there there, and thus no interest in listening to pundits talking breathlessly about a non event stemming from what amounted to nothing.

    Fiery testimony about an approaching asteroid that might hit us will generate a lot of coverage, but the release of a report on an asteroid that whizzed harmlessly past us last month will not.

    We should get another data point next month with DoJ IG Horowitz’s report comes out, and if that leads to any trials, plenty of additional data points.

    It may take decades, but eventually even this story will fade.

    LA Times obits

    The mysterious life of James McCord, Watergate burglar whose death went unnoticed for 2 years

    He was the former CIA agent who led the four Cubans in the break in. He died in 2017 but nobody realized it until yesterday. Obviously this Russian collusion nonsense has kept Bob Woodward way too distracted to keep his eye on the real criminals. I mean, G Gordon Liddy hasn’t tweeted in seven months, so shouldn’t a top reporter being figuring out why? The last thing he posted was in response to a Trump clip back in August, where Liddy said:

    I buried a body under that exact spot in the Rose Garden circa May ’72. Guess which body.

    And then not another peep from him. Seems pretty strange to me!Report

  2. A related piece of news: both the O’Rourke and Warren campaigns said they are getting almost no questions about the Mueller report on the campaign trail. Out of hundreds. People just don’t care.Report