Basta, Interrupted: Avenatti Up on Charges

Andrew Donaldson

Born and raised in West Virginia, Andrew has since lived and traveled around the world several times over. Though frequently writing about politics out of a sense of duty and love of country, most of the time he would prefer discussions on history, culture, occasionally nerding on aviation, and his amateur foodie tendencies. He can usually be found misspelling/misusing words on Twitter @four4thefire and his writing website Yonder and Home. Andrew is the host of Heard Tell podcast.

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9 Responses

  1. Tracy Downey says:

    Lmao!!!! Oh dear. How awful.

    Why is it that the narcissists and showboats in this world can’t seem to get out of their own way?

    Thanks, Andrew. 👍🏻Report

  2. pillsy says:

    I’m not going to presume him guilty, but it looks like he is both extremely and deservedly screwed here, even if he manages to avoid criminal penalties for his incredibly sleazy conduct.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.Report

  3. Mike Dwyer says:

    It has long been speculated that something bad is coming with Nike. The main players in the Adidas scandal that my beloved Cardinals got caught up in all came from Nike. Will be interesting to see if any substance comes from this.Report

    • Stillwater in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      Avenatti is probably right when he says that 90% of the claims about Nike shenanigans will be bullshit, but that 10% will be true, which would still be a lot of people. Without prejudging the outcome here, I’ll just say it’s *possible* Nike has moved into the “racket” phase of its business cycle.

      BUT! as we’ve talked about at OT before, the way the NCAA manages college athletics makes it super-ripe for corruption, which also makes it hard to tease out who the bad actors are anymore.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    Whomever runs for President in 2020 should run on a platform of being boring as hell.Report

  5. Jaybird says:

    A +5, insightful tweet here:

    And a surprisingly sad one here:


  6. Aaron David says:

    Basta? More like Stronzo!Report

  7. Jaybird says:

    Go home, 2019. You’re drunk.