Weekend Plans Post: Gas In The Car



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  1. Avatar Tracy Downey says:

    Good morning Ordinary world.:)

    This weekend, a lot of self reflecting and focusing on my 40 days in the desert journey on how to be the best person that I can be…
    Exercising at the gym-down 8 pounds and counting.😍
    DSB-Journey cover band with my close friends. Feeding my soul with goodness while remaining grounded.

    Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend.Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I have been unsupervised since 9 am yesterday. This will end at some point tomorrow, as the wife will come back from a conference and visit with friends.

    In the meantime, drinking beer watching movies I have seen a dozen times that the wife doesn’t like and walking around in my boxers.Report

  3. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    I thought I had a date for the symphony on Saturday but then she got weird and hostile so I’m now dateless. No other prospects. Asked around a number of friends around town and everyone is busy or ill. So I may just wind up going to the symphony stag.

    Skipping the symphony is not an option.Report

  4. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    Going to the Local Local foods place that we frequent for a non-Ash-Weds-Birthday dinner.

    The good thing about having a Local Local Foods is that you get to know the owner/sommelier and can navigate *his* interpretation of what he thinks *you* like. As in, I’ve learned that his palate runs to the austere, acidic and highly structured side of things – you know, the “great with food wines.” And that’s ok, sometimes that’s just what the meal calls for. The trick, however, is learning that the terms “soft” or “more rounded” don’t move the needle very far… so I have to confess somewhat shamefacedly that I’m in the mood for a “flabby” or “over-ripe” red just to get him down from mouth puckering shards of acidic tannin bombs to Full Bodied New World style. But once we get the palates calibrated… he brings me the most interesting wines from around the world because he’s really good.

    Knowing that I’m hoping to start Cab Franc production on my property (someday), he usually brings an interesting VA or Global CabFranc for us to try… unfortunately here his palate is more “correct” as he identifes the Bell Pepper/Dill that you can get with CabFranc as a defect (which, technically it is)… but that’s the style I prefer… so I’m forced to admire his flawless palate on CabFrancs I’d never buy; and I haven’t had the courage to tell him that if I ever get my vineyard, I’ll harvest slightly early to capture some of the herbaceousness that makes the flawed CabFranc just that much more interesting than the perfect one.Report

  5. Avatar Jaybird says:


  6. Avatar jason says:

    Grading papers, as many as I can finish and prep for a conference next week. Any Pittsburgh recommendations for OT’ers? (I mean, I’ll be googling, but personal recs are the best).Report

  7. Avatar Jaybird says:


    I am not ready.Report

    • Avatar Maribou says:

      We’ll get through it baby. We’ll get through it together.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      I will vote for any presidential candidate who runs on the platform of getting rid of the time change.

      I don’t care what other policies they also have on their platform.Report

      • Avatar Marchmaine says:

        I want to say that’s somewhere in Damon Linker’s 4-part series on the new middle?

        (no politics, so no link).Report

      • Avatar Tracy Downey says:

        Endorsed.👍🏻 I once wrote a spec script for Seinfeld that Kramer hated DST So much he drew up a petition to remove it from the city of NY. He needed one signature to submit-guess which one of the bunch refused to sign it? 🤣Report

    • fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

      some of my state legislators have talked about year-round DST and that is a hearty DO NOT WANT from me, because it means most of the time (except for high summer) I’d be driving to work in the dark. And getting up in the super-dark, because I get up very early to work out.

      And we’re close to a border with another state that isn’t gonna change, and it’s going to be chaos if it happens – we have commuter students from that state, and I go to shop there, and I will be furious if it happens and I derp some time and get into Next State just as the store I wanted to go to is closing for the day because of the time difference.

      I feel like it has to either be kept or eliminated on a whole-country (or at least whole-time-zone) basis.Report

      • Avatar Fish says:

        I have family in Tennessee who live right on the Central/Eastern boundary. It’s really confusing for us when we visit, but they mostly just set their internal clocks to whatever time it is in the nearest big city and let it go.Report

        • Avatar Aaron David says:

          I used to set the clock in my truck to right between the two, DST and Time. Drove my wife crazy, but I knew pretty well what was going on.Report

    • Avatar KenB says:

      I’m lucky enough to have a business trip on Monday that takes me into Central time, so I get the hour back for a few days.

      I suppose that’s the key to dealing with DST — just get a second house one timezone back, that you can inhabit March-October.Report

  8. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Trying to rest up. Combo platter of allergies and what was probably a (just barely thwarted by meds) asthma attack midweek, coupled with some serious worry about a couple people I care a lot about (all is well, now, as it turns out) has left me exhausted and kind of mushy brained.

    I’m writing an exam this afternoon for next week because I don’t think I can brain enough to do the research reading I need to do some time. I guess that’s for tomorrow.

    Also, it’s the “bad” time change of the year, so I’m gonna try to go to bed a half-hour earlier than normal tonight, and a half-hour earlier than that tomorrow night, in hopes of trying to kick my body into DST mode. Which is no joke when your normal weekday wake up time is 4:30 am*, which come Monday will actually be 3:30 am.

    (*Standard disclaimer: I do this to myself because it’s the only hour out of the day I am guaranteed to be able to get in a workout without my time being needed elsewhere).

    Also I was out every single evening this past week (meetings, Ash Wednesday service, etc.) and that just doubly does it to me because I get more and more peopled out with no time to recover.

    My plan right now is: come in to the office tomorrow morning, do 3-4 Pomodoros worth (a 25 minute stretch of concentrated work) and then go home and either clean house more (if I can motivate myself) or knit and stare at the tv (if I can’t)

    At least “going shopping for fun” is off the table until April 20 or so…so there’s not that temptation. (Will be doing local grocery shopping until then to avoid the temptation to pop into the Target or the JoAnn Fabrics)Report

  9. Avatar Fish says:

    Video games and drinking and maybe some binge-watching tonight. I should probably take oldest boy’s car to the mechanic tomorrow to get a minor-but-could-become-serious problem repaired, but I’m conflicted becuase apparently part of my job as a parent is to teach the human children how to adult or something? Captain Marvel tickets tomorrow night, and maybe a range day on Sunday.Report

  10. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Bar bands are loud.

    That said, their enthusiasm was infectious.Report

    • Avatar Burt Likko says:

      I often dislike going out to find live music at a place. I typically want to talk to the person I’ve come with, and the live music is usually so loud that isn’t possible.Report