Saturday Morning Gaming Post: The Apostle Update for Cultist Simulator



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2 Responses

  1. Avatar pillsy says:

    That game is almost as dangerous to me as the occult mysteries are to its PCs. Last time I picked it up I ended up having to make a major effort to ensure I was getting enough sleep, not starving to death, and working so I wouldn’t get fired, because it was that addictive.

    So I am ambivalent about a NewGame+ mode, to put it mildly.

    Just started Kingdom Hearts 2, which, unlike its predecessor, I’d never played before. Better graphics, more wacked out JRPG plotting, and a richer set of quacking war cries for Donald Duck, but there really doesn’t seem to be much to the combat. Maybe it will pick up later; the combat in the first game did.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    In Red Dead Redemption, towards the end of the game, there is a side quest where you help a lady out. She’s had some hard luck and is in a bad spot and you give her a hand and leave her in a better place than when you first met her.

    There is also a main quest. The main quest is one of dread and inevitability. One of those “it’s always darkest right before it goes totally pitch black”, kinda quests. When the dread quest gets offered to you, you have an option of swinging by the lady from the side quest first, one last time. You don’t do anything but have a small conversation. She gives you a kiss on the cheek. You tell her that you are pleased to have met her.

    Then you go do the dread quest.

    I’m in the middle of the dread quest now.

    I want to go back to hunting deer and catching fish and playing dominoes with my friends.

    But it’s too late for that.

    It’s come to this.Report