Saturday Morning Gaming: A Board Game For When You’ve Graduated From Clue



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4 Responses

  1. Avatar KenB says:

    Have you tried the board game Alchemists? Its core mechanic is like Clue but more elaborate — there’s an inventory of ingredients, and different combinations of ingredients can make one out of X potions. When the players are all pretty equally matched, it becomes a question of anticipation and risk-taking — there’s an advantage to being the first to “publish” a potion, but if you wait until you’re 100% certain, you’re likely to lose out to someone making an educated guess.

    Also it uses a smartphone to do the “mixing” — each time you play, it randomizes the combinations, and when you do a test, you point the phone’s camera at your ingredients and it gives you the results.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      I haven’t, but games that are different every time you play are things that I dig very much indeed.

      The information is asymmetric, are the abilities of the various alchemists similarly asymmetric?Report

      • Avatar KenB says:

        Not really, only in that the “ingredients” are cards and each player is dealt two or three randomly to start. Also a random draw from a deck of “favor” cards (single-use special power/bonus).

        I haven’t played it in a few years (it wasn’t my game) but our group (all analytical-type programmers) enjoyed it the several times we played. Hmm, I’ll have to suggest bringing it out again for the next game night…Report

  2. Avatar Bill says:

    Pandemic is pretty cool. Instead of playing against each other. You all play together to beat the game. Makes for a fun game.