Tenshot: The End of the World with Josh Clark


Burt Likko

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Re 9: Even without listening, any argument that particle physics experiments are going to end the world is hard to explain because it’s in the same category as “Then Thor shows up with Mjölnir and breaks the world in half.” They all require that the Standard Model and quantum mechanics not just be wrong, but that they are both badly wrong. Not to mention that the same experiments, at much higher energies, are going on right over our heads at the outer fringes of the atmosphere every day, and have been for a billion years.Report

    • In some ways, Thor showing up and breaking the world in two would be *easier* for me to understand than Hawking radiation maybe causing an artificial mini-black hole to evaporate. Quantum mechanics is weird, yo.Report

      • Granted, quantum mechanics chased me out* of the physics half of a double major, but that was really as much because it wasn’t my kind of math as anything. OTOH, I can tell the difference between one side with >75 years of experimental data behind them and a bunch of successful predictions, and another side that’s basically saying, “Assume Thor…”

        * Specifically, electron slit experiments. The concept is simple, but it’s not my kind of math.Report