Saturday Morning Gaming: Old School Single Player RPGs



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12 Responses

  1. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    I spent a whole lot of hours playing Pool of Radiance on our Apple IIe, swapping floppy disks on each move between zones. That came out in 88 so not much 80s left by that point.

    Don’t really have time for video games the last few weeks, other than playing Kingdom of Loathing in my phone before bed. I’m working on the dwarf factory puzzle now – once i finish it this time I’ll have the whole dwarfish war outfit.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to dragonfrog says:

      Oh, Kingdom of Loathing! My gosh. I sunk so many hours into that…

      Pool of Radiance was the first game that said “we could take these rules in this rulebook and make a game!” and, next thing you know, you’re carrying 20000 copper pieces and 30 sets of leather armor.Report

  2. Avatar pillsy says:

    Been replaying the original Kingdom Hearts to build up to the new one.

    It’s got a super-slow start, floaty controls, bad AI, and a worse camera.

    But. But. BUT.

    It also has Donald Duck chucking fireballs.Report

  3. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    Back in the 1980’s, the closest we had to something that we’d recognize as an RPG in 2019 was the Atari game “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”.

    Eh? Ultima II and Wizardry II were released in 1982, the same year as E.T.Report

  4. Avatar Fish says:

    I was hoping to be playing Cultist Simulator, but sadly, it was just about the only thing on my wish list that wasn’t part of Steam’s Lunar New Year sale. Sooooooo I’m not really playing anything right now! 🙂Report

  5. Avatar jason says:

    The Choose Your Own Adventure books were great. At first, it was pretty disheartening when you died in some horrible way, but then that became fun, too. There’s a board game based on the book, but I haven’t played it.Report