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New controversies are swirling in the Old Dominion as the chaos in Richmond continues into a second week. Here is the latest in the ever-changing landscape of Virginia government scandal:

[VA1] Va. Democrats Call For Fairfax’s Resignation After 2nd Accuser Comes Forward

[VA2] Delegate threatens impeachment after second Fairfax accuser comes forward.

[VA3] Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Plans To Survive By Changing His Agenda To Focus On Race: The governor — reading “Roots” and “The Case for Reparations” — has brought on a new team to help, and is committed to pursuing a bold policy agenda to help make amends.

[VA4] Virginia Senate majority leader distances himself from racist content in yearbook he edited

[VA5] Kurtis Blow Condemns Virginia AG for Once Using Blackface to Imitate Him

[VA6] Opinion: Why Ralph Northam Should Not Resign

[VA7] Opinion: Ralph Northam must resign

[VA8] 2020 Democrats add to calls for Justin Fairfax to resign

[VA9] Virginia’s Racist History Clashes With New South Image

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13 thoughts on “Ordinary World: Virginia, Oh Virginia

  1. announcing to the world that he’s reading “Roots” to help him overcome his blackface issue is proof to me that Northam is so perilously out of touch with reality that he probably shouldn’t be governing anything

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      • The power centers of the state (NoVa and Hampton Roads/Norfolk) have solidified as blue. Its also where the population and the money are. His opponent was a lobbyist whose campaign IMO came off as overly cynical when he needed to look responsible. Northam ran against Trump when the opposition to him was still very fresh.

        Obviously someone actually in VA might see it differently but this was my perception from the near constant ads on the tv and radio. I still remember the ‘Trump is a narcissistic maniac!’ vs ‘MS-13 is coming to get you!’

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        • These are all true. I was as much thinking about why he was able to win the primary, though I know a lot of folks worried that Periello was too left for VA.

          Also the dumb one-term limit thing means that other, better candidates weren’t available, and it’s sort of a job with limited potential for an ambitious Dem since both Senate seats are already filled by Dem former governors.

          Still Northam is obviously a weirdo.

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  2. There is really no incentive for Northam to resign because Virginia term-limits their Governors to one term. This is stupid. The scandals facing the Lt. Gov. and AG certainly help too. But the Democratic Party is sticking to their guns here and asking for resignation which is good.

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