Albert Finney Has Died

Albert Finney Has Died

Albert Finney, a wonderful actor by any imaginable measure, has passed away. He was only 82 years old.

Finney often portrayed hard, sometimes angry men, although also ones whose hearts were more gettable than they wanted the world to know. He portrayed Daddy Warbucks and Ebeneezer Scrooge and James Bond’s gamekeeper, Kincade.

He played gangsters:

Millers Crossing Danny Boy Scene

and ruthless administrators:

The Bourne Ultimatum (8/9) Movie CLIP – Bourne's Beginning (2007) HD

and cynical lawyers:

Erin Brockovich (5/10) Movie CLIP – What One Judge Decides (2000) HD

It was that last one – as Ed Masry in Erin Brockovich – that earned him his final Oscar nomination. He was nominated five times throughout his career although he never ended up winning one. He was nominated for plenty of other awards too and he won an awful lot of them. And, in his defense, he never seemed to care too much about having won or lost awards anyway, as evidenced by his response to his first nomination and having been overtaken by Sidney Poitier:

Finney was more than a character actor and yet he maintained a low enough profile, particularly in his later life, that he will likely be remembered as one. In his time, he was a giant but now he will likely be that one guy from that other thing. This though is not disrespect. It is a reputation well deserved and absolutely earned.

Big Fish (8/8) Movie CLIP – The Story of My Life (2003) HD

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3 thoughts on “Albert Finney Has Died

  1. He was awesome in the Hollywood version of Annie. He was even more awesome in the musical version of Scrooge.

    Like, awesome to the point where a 10 year old me could recognize it.

    And then I did stuff like “oh, it’s Albert Finney in a movie called ‘The Dresser’! I should watch that! I like him!”

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