Feller Needs a Friend: The Vaccination

Clare Briggs

Clare Briggs

Clare Briggs is a famous cartoonist who lived from 1875 to 1930. Poems by Wilbur Nesbitt.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Huh. I thought this would go an entirely different direction from the title.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      This seems strikingly poignant to me in this era where anti-vaxxers are a thing.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        I thought it would be about something involving fear of needles or the upper arm (or buttocks) aching for the rest of the day (or week).

        But it was about being stuck doing something that you can’t get out of when something exciting is happening.

        Nice to see the onomatopoeias coming through the window. What is the “Too-oo-oot”? A hand-squeezed horn?Report