The Weekend Plans Post: The Long Weekend (Maybe)



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  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    The only unusual thing is that there’s a memorial service for a man (a well-loved pastor) who had been a friend of the congregation I belong to. Weather’s supposed to be lousy Saturday but I think I’m still going out for that.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. day is the only Federal-type holiday I get in the spring semester (We do also get Good Friday off, which seems odd for a state school, but whatever). In recent years there’s been a push to have people come on campus and go do Official Volunteer Work and I get why, but I’m taking the day off. I figure I do volunteer work on a pretty regular basis, so I’ll leave this day for the people who normally don’t do volunteer work.

    I don’t feel guilty about this.
    I don’t feel guilty about this.
    I don’t feel guilty about this.

    (Well, I do, a little. But I’m still taking Monday to do what I want)Report

  2. Avatar Dan Miller says:

    It was a real loss when we stopped pushing for shorter work hours as a society. I am so happy to work at a place that gives me ample vacation time, but everyone deserves it.Report

  3. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    I noticed the other day that the rear wheel of my bike has a partial rim failure – I knew the rim was about done, but i didn’t realise how very much past done i had pushed it. So one thing I’m doing this weekend is building a bike wheel.

    There’s a play I’d like to go to but i probably put it off too late to get tickets. So probably a quiet weekend otherwise.Report

    • Avatar JoeSal says:

      Rim failures are a pretty rare event, what happened? Rigs and I rehabbed two mountain bikes just before Christmas, new tubes and one new tire. Crank bearings are a little dry but will fix that soon enough.Report

      • Avatar dragonfrog says:

        It’s really just a fairly significant dent in the rim – it’s still rideable for now. But it’s bad enough if I’m using the rear brake there’s a noticeable once-a-rotation grab in the braking.

        I’d been riding on it even though the wear indicator in the braking surface has been gone for over a month so not surprising it dented easily. The bump that made that dent probably wouldn’t have done much of anything to a new rim – I certainly don’t remember hitting any really bad bumps or potholes, and I’m a pretty staid rider.

        This bike has a Sturmey-Archer internally geared hub and 26″ rims, an unusual combination – hence building a wheel rather than just grabbing a replacement off the peg.Report

        • Avatar Aaron David says:

          Interesting. I have one Sturmey Archer bike, an early 60s Raleigh. I don’t ride it as much as I would like do to parts availability (the early sports have a few no longer available bits) but man is that a great town ride. 26×1 3/8s is tough, but it sounds like you have it dialed!Report

          • Avatar dragonfrog says:

            Nice! I wouldn’t want to ride a beauty like an old Raleigh sports bike in winter around here. They’re gorgeous bikes though.

            This is very much not a stock thing. It’s a cheap early 90s faux-MTB (not actually built for mountains, but no crappy suspension to seize up from ice and brine). So it’s a 26 decimal (559 mm) wheel size, not 26×1-3/8 (590 mm). The S-A hub is a nice way to keep one more piece of the works away from winter the sand and salt

            You might be able to get away with replacing those 590 mm 26 x 1-3/8 wheels with a modern 584 mm wheel set (aka “650B”) – it should only move the brake surface by 3 mm, entirely within adjustment range when installing brake pads. And then you’d have easy access to tires, if nothing else.

            And happy birthday!Report

            • Avatar JoeSal says:

              Sun gears in the hub, that’s interesting. I didn’t want to get Rigs too spoiled so we deleted all the shifters/wires (which were thrashed) and just manually shift.

              Slowly teaching him the art of shifting on the front three sprockets by pushing the chain via shoe. Glad we don’t have to contend with the salts and snow.Report

            • Avatar Aaron David says:

              If it was a newer, post-’65 Raleigh then I could see that as being an option, but the pre 65 is such an engineering marvel along with being a museum piece that I would feel bad putting that into the mix. It really needs a full restoration to bring it up to snuff, but I also have a ’70s Peugeot that needs the work first. (Mainly convert the 27s to 700Cs)

              Your bike sounds like an ideal snow buster, not too much to worry about but will go the distance. And thanks for the B-day wishes!Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    My mother and her husband leave tomorrow, after a couple day visit while they are in from Namibia. Been nice to see them, but ready for a little quiet. My 48th is next week, so I do think we are doing something on MLK day.Report

  5. Avatar Maribou says:

    I did a bunch of my usual Sunday chores yesterday. It remains to be seen whether that means I do unusual chores today, or just rest more (I slept in way late, so I’m suspecting the latter).

    We had a surprise intown visit from a now-living-on-the-east-coast old friend yesterday, and gaming. Today we will run some errands together but things will be relatively anti-social until I go over to C’s house for Outlander tonight.

    We’re both at the stage of burned out where social things are lovely and desirable when they are happening but afterward the misanthropy peaks even more than it usually would. Thank goodness we’re in sync and leave each other to rest up alone…Report