Daily Archive: January 18, 2019

The Journalists Have Been Hacked

Journalism’s current standards for determining what is publishable are brittle and subject to manipulation by malicious actors.

Further Observations on SCOTUS’S Strange Bedfellows

The Supreme Court continues to provide an interesting study in perceived contradictions with its most recent ruling. In a 5-4 decision that saw two justices switching teams, the Court voted to uphold the sentencing of a Florida man under the Armed Career Criminals Act (ACCA), which resulted in a minimum sentence of 15 years


Report: President Donald Trump Directed Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress

If you went to bed early Thursday, you might have missed Buzzfeed News making quite the splash just after 10p, EST with reporting by Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier. You won’t be able to miss it this morning, or in the coming days if proven to be accurate.