Daily Archive: January 2, 2019

When Editors hear the Word ‘Culture’…

Todd VanDerWerff, a cultural critic and journalist, says (somewhat unsurprisingly) that we need cultural critics and journalists, a group of writers that have been let go from numerous media outlets over the past few years as all media coverage is gradually sucked into the Trump Singularity.


Mitt Romney Writes a Thing, People React

What we now have in this latest version of Trump v Romney is two men in whom it’s been established who and what they are. In Romney we have a throwback vestige to the Republican party of the time before Trump the disruptor came, in many ways, as the reaction to that type of politics.

Wednesday Writs for 1/2/19

Your weekly roundup of law and legal related links from around the web, including bad lawyers, dumb criminals, elephants in court, Al Pacino, and more.