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Ordinary World: Throwback Thursday

Over ten years, Ordinary Times has over 15K posts. Here are a few that you should check out, and are interesting today in hindsight.

Fearing The Faithful: Catholic Sex Abuse Summit Is Rorschach Test For Pope

The overwhelming evidence against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ incessant, and intentional, deception is a compelling indictment against the church. Clearly, if Pope Francis is sincere in rebuilding trust among the lay faithful, he must gut the hierarchy after the summit. Maniscalco’s comments from 2002, tarnishes Blessed John Paul II’s legacy as pope, and casts a black cloud over Francis’ papacy. When did the pope know and when did he know it?

Wednesday Writs for 1/30

The weekly roundup of law and legal related links from around the web. This week features birthright citizenship, dangerous scooters, the notorious NFC no-call and the many crimes of caped crusader.

Up the Creek

The show could resort to the expected obvious jokes when these characters meet the salt of the earth townsfolk of Schitt’s creek. But the surprise here is how the show manages to only skirt the cheap gags and predictable slapstick and reveals some heart beneath the trite veneer.

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday 1/29/19 – Cool Sounds Edition

Overall, I support using drones and robots for aircraft inspections, as long as the software that is evaluating the sensor feed is more capable than a person at spotting an issue. I’ve done these kinds of inspections, on hovercraft and airliners, and it can be mind numbing.


Challenger: Learning of Tragedy in Real Time

Days of remembrance, such as this anniversary of the Challenger disaster, remind us that along with the memories and thoughts of what we felt comes a responsibility to teach the past and the lessons from it. Not just for recording the events, but in explaining to those who didn’t live through them what it was like.


The Case Against the Charitable Deduction

Instead of raising tax rates on high-income earners, a smarter way for progressives to raise taxes on higher-income earners would be to eliminate itemized deductions: tax breaks that allow primarily upper-middle and upper-income earners to write off various expenses.


Come back, Queen Sheba.

Sunday! On a Vivian Maier Exhibit

If a great artist dies without ever showing the world their work, does the world have the right to see it now?