Enchantment and “Disenchantment”

Kristin Devine

Kristin has humbly retired as Ordinary Times' friendly neighborhood political whipping girl to focus on culture and gender issues. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of https://atomicfeminist.com/

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14 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Whip – They should have had the orcs singing that at some point in the Peter Jackson films.

    Second to TrollHunters, excellent stuff. Also, Voltron is worth it.

    As I mentioned on my tech post, I saw Spider-Man Into The SpiderVerse yesterday and it was incredible. This was the first Marvel animated movie I’ve seen that I loved the style of (most Marvel animation uses a style I find sloppy, unlike the DC animation, which while cartoonish, is sharp). Spiderverse, IMHO, is actually better than most of the DC animation, and DC animation is, to date, where they’ve really shined (we will see if Aquaman or Shazam lives up to the hype). So it wasnice to see Marvel step up their game and give use a gorgeous and smart animated movie.Report

  2. atomickristin says:

    We also like Voltron a lot too. Looking forward to Spiderverse! Thanks!Report

  3. Aaron David says:

    Mmmm… Whip is one of my childhood favorites, Bakshi was a true master. That said, I don’t seem to be in a traditional fantasy period right now. Quite happy rereading the Lovecraft inspired works (reading the Titus Crow books right now) but medievalesque isn’t pulling at me.

    All of that said, the wife and I have become big fans of Bob’s Burgers.Report

    • atomickristin in reply to Aaron David says:

      I keep wondering if I should watch Bob’s Burgers…

      Thanks for reading!Report

    • fillyjonk in reply to Aaron David says:

      I love Bob’s Burgers. It’s the perfect blend for me of slightly-immature-but-not-TOO-gross humor, quirky characters, and slightly absurd plots involving either the family or happenings at school.

      It reminds me of The Simpsons back in the era when I actually liked The Simpsons. (I tend to think that show has kind of run out of ideas).

      Bob’s Burgers is the show that got me to appreciate both butt jokes and fart humor, for whatever that’s worth. And the voice actors are mostly just….*chef finger kiss*

      I liked Futurama OK but was never a die-hard fan like some people are. And I can’t watch the various Seth Macfarlane things, the humor is too mean-spirited for me.Report

  4. North says:

    Agree with you on your list. Hilda is especially charming and surreal- there are moments when you feel like it could go quite dark and then get surprised when it doesn’t and then remind yourself- dude it’s a children’s show.

    Dragon Prince isn’t bad. The adding of deaf characters is quite refreshing but I agree that it really jars when compared to Avatar which was a severely superior world and set of characters. Also having the Avatar sidekicks voice actor being the main character and vice verse vis a vis Avatar is really… weird.

    Troll hunters is not bad. The goofy elements somehow don’t jive with the rest for me. I feel like the goofiness sits on top of the world and story elements like peeling paint but it is a kids show. I was shocked and delighted by what they did with the main character on that one.

    I’d add my vote for Voltron for consideration and you really should check out Steven Universe. Also Oscar is right- Spiderverse is really something special.Report

    • Kristin Devine in reply to North says:

      Yeah you know that’s what gets to me about Dragon Prince, too. Combining the goofy humor with the seriousness apparently requires a skilled hand. Avatar did it really well but I agree both DP and Trollhunters, it doesn’t work so well for me.

      We really like Voltron too. I skipped it since it seemed more sci-fi but there are some fantasy elements to it for sure. We’ll check out Steven Universe, thanks!Report

  5. bookdragon says:

    Darn it, you’re make me subscribe to Netflix! lol

    Actually my kids are teens and more into anime, which I can get on prime and hulu, but I may give Ronja a try.

    I am looking forward to seeing Spiderverse at some point during the holidays though.Report