Saturday Morning Gaming: The Tragedy of Red Dead Redemption 2


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  1. James K says:

    I’ve played a bunch of the new Stellaris now, and while its got some rough parts that need patching (they’ve already starting releasing beta updates) I’m really liking it so far. Economic management has genuine gameplay to it – decisions that matter and you can absolutely lose the game via mismanagement if you’re not careful.

    To circle back to your theme, it also gives you a lot of control over what impact you have on the galaxy – you can be a brutal conqueror enslaving or exterminating all you encounter. Or you can be peaceful xenophiles who want to trade and cooperate with their neighbours. You can also split the difference – one of the common AI personalities is “democratic crusader”, militaristic egalitarians who will ally with other democracies but will conquer more autocratic empires. They will then gives the people they just conquered the vote because that matters to them.Report