The Weekend Plans Post: The Holidays Are Upon Us



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7 Responses

  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Graduation is tomorrow. We get stuck with the “long” one, it looks like (Three schools on campus, so you either get to have graduation alone or with another school). It starts at 10.

    I have to decide. I really really really want to go antiquing, have not been able to get out to do it for at least six weeks when I’ve been wanting to, but it’s cold/rainy/windy today, and tomorrow we may not get done until late-ish.

    I also have a few minor errands to run today: mail needs to be held, I need to gas up the car and get cash as Monday I leave for a long holiday break at my parents’.

    Otherwise, I feel a little flat and “down,” but that’s probably tiredness from giving and grading four exams in three days and weathering a large number of “did you calculate my grade right?” “How can I be earning a D?” “Will you accept this three-weeks-late assignment?’ “Can I do extra credit?” requests.

    I’m hoping I’ll pop back in a day or so.Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    I think Into the Spider-Verse would really tickle you and Maribou. You should try and find time to go see it. I was expecting an amusing time but was shocked and almost incapacitated by how fun and interesting it was.Report

  3. Avatar aaron david says:

    So, last week was the departmental “Deans Holiday Party (bowling and pizza and booze! Free!) and afterward, we treated ourselves to a meal at the place with the six-page long beer list. Which was very nice. Tonight is the neighboorhood X-mas party at the local queen bees house, across the street. Free booze! Then on Sunday, it is tree shopping.

    On a different note, we signed my father up for adult day care, as he needs someone around all the time now and my stepmother needs a break every once in a while. I think it had been time for a while now, but convincing her was a challenge.Report

  4. Avatar Fish says:

    Into the Spider-Verse tonight with my human family. Maybe (?) lunch tomorrow with friends so younger son can exchange gifts with their daughter (winky emoji). Might have to venture out to pick up a gift for my brother. Arsenal vs. Southampton Sunday morning, a game which will feature zero healthy centerbacks for Arsenal, so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of defense Emery comes up with.

    Other than that, pretty much bunkering in, I think.Report

  5. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    There’s a cousins Christmas party with Mr. T’s extended family, in Calgary this year. Assuming none of the adults pick up the flu that the kids just got over. I know it will be fun and I’ll have a good time, and yet a little corner of my mind is hoping I get the flu so I can stay home. Because if I’m being honest, my mental health is currently only pretty good for it being Christmastime, which is to say fair to middling. I’m not very good at this time of year.Report

  6. Avatar jason says:

    I did some shopping today, and the wife and I will probably do some more this weekend, or at least do some planning so I can finish the shopping on Monday. One of the nice things about the break between fall and spring semesters is that I can do shopping during the day when stores aren’t quite as busy.Report

  7. Avatar Damon says:

    Funny Jay, this time is busy for us.

    Gathering orders, determining which ones to book so we hit our targets but don’t exceed it. Learning which ones that were expected but aren’t going to book, and finding enough in the “pool” of unbooked to cover it.

    And OMG we have to get this quote out because…….insert stupid reason

    Positive side…gifts are done. Looking forward to some major alone time. GF going home for visit. Gonna hit up all my single friends in the interim and do some visiting.Report