17 MORE weird little movies that you might like

Kristin Devine

Kristin has humbly retired as Ordinary Times' friendly neighborhood political whipping girl to focus on culture and gender issues. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of https://atomicfeminist.com/

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15 Responses

  1. J_A says:

    In Bruges is absolutely fantastic.

    And, as a bonus, it makes jfull ustice to Bruges, which is, also, astoundingly beautiful.Report

  2. Aaron David says:

    I have seen the Zack and Miri… and it is definitely one of Kevin Smiths better movies, up there with Chasing Amy. I haven’t seen the rest, but I was just lamenting to the wife about the dearth of watchable films. So this should help.

    Also, I miss the days of wandering through the independent video stores, with the bored clerks who only animate when you bring up something truly weird that only they have rented within the last year. I found a lot of good stuff at those places. Scrolling through the listings on NetFlix doesn’t have the same vibe.Report

  3. atomickristin says:

    Yeah scrolling through Netflix is like looking for a needle in an animestack. So. Much. Anime. I wish they had a “not” button for movies you know you’re never going to watch just so they stop popping up again and again.

    And now that they’ve done away with the ratings stars in favor of that silly percentage it’s really tough to know what other people liked. I don’t necessarily want to watch things exactly like what I watched before, I just want good things.Report

  4. atomickristin says:

    Also, I just realized I forgot to give the name of the lead actress in “The Bad Batch” – Suki Waterhouse. I did not know the name of the actress offhand and meant to look it up, but I forgot and did not catch my mistake. Made it sound like her name was not worthy of being mentioned. :/ Apologies.Report

  5. Kolohe says:

    I remember liking Lucky Number Slevin around the time it was made, but I haven’t seen it since. Josh Harnett was one of those guys that was everywhere for a while (in movies good and bad, but mostly the latter) and then fell of the face of the earth. (Imdb says he was in the Penny Dreadful series, but I’ve never seen that one)

    I also liked Zach and Miri – like people said, it had a heart of gold – even though I find Seth Rogen somewhat overrated. (And for some reason, probably because of Rogen, I forgot that this was in the View Askewiverse. Ten minutes ago, I would have said it was in the Apatowiverse).Report

  6. Zac Black says:

    The last four on that list are all severely underrated films that I would second the recommendation of for anyone who hasn’t seen them.

    @atomickristin If you enjoyed In Bruges, which I’m similarly a huge fan of, you might enjoy a 2013 film by the same director, Seven Psychopaths. Colin Farrell comes back and it also has some really great performances from Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson.Report

  7. pillsy says:

    That movie titled Running Scared is, indeed, a solid crime movie. It was weirdly (IMO) unloved by critics, and is, to coin a phrase, dark as fuck, but I enjoyed it.

    The other Running Scared is also pretty good. Typical ’80s buddy copy stuff made interesting by weird casting of Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as the buddy cops.Report