The Weekend Plans Post: Ramping Up



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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Maribou says:

    We’re also going up to Denver to see J & N on Sunday. Relatedly, where the heck did the past month go??? I feel like I was just emailing with N to set the date yesterday and no, it’s been a month.Report

  2. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    I have…..nothing. Nothing planned. This came about because it’s the weekend between classes and finals, and if you don’t have your finals already written and at the printer’s by Friday, you’re likely screwed, because copiers can smell deadlines and break down as a result…

    Also, I did the marketing I needed to do on Tuesday afternoon after first hearing “Saturday will be cold rain” which then ramped up to “There might be some ice mixed in” and then up to “HOLY CRAP HEAD FOR THE HILLS IT’S A NEW ICE AGE” though we are now back at the “cold rain, maybe a little ice early in the day” way of thinking.

    But yeah. Am probably staying home. Cold rain doesn’t entice me to drive the half-hour to the GOOD stuff to do, and there’s not a heck of a lot right in town.

    Sunday is the “family Christmas party” at church (early, because some of our college students wanted to be able to go before they had finals) and I need to make food for that, but I’m gonna do that Sunday just on the off chance the weather goes bad again and it winds up cancelled, so I don’t get stuck with four dozen meatballs I have to either eat or freeze.

    If the weather were better, I’d go antiquing, but have tentatively promised myself that as a reward next Friday for getting all my grades in.Report

  3. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    We are getting a new washer and dryer delivered tomorrow. We need to take my wife’s car in for its annual inspection. We also need to get a Christmas Tree.

    Hopefully we will be able to fit some fun stuff in there too.Report

  4. Avatar atomickristin says:

    My oldest son turns 27 this weekend (for some reason, of all his birthdays, this one has gotten to me. That’s like an adult, for reals)

    He has finals this week, but if he isn’t too exhausted, we’ll have a little get together.

    Other than that, I’m finishing up homemade presents and making tamales. Lots of cooking and crocheting on tap.Report

  5. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    My girlfriend’s office holiday party is on Saturday. Sunday I head down to LA for work. Next week is my company’s holiday party and a weekend in NYC. After that we fly to Singapore for the holidays.Report