Monthly Archive: November 2018


Ordinary World 26 Nov 2018

Your Ordinary World for 26 Nov 2018 with links about healthcare, community, AOC, regulating Big Tech, a different take on red state/blue state, China’s revisionist history, and the death of charity walk-a-thons.


Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Ordinary Sunday Brunch with Sunday Morning cultural links to stories about music, art, history, and food to read, share, and discuss.

world series


A logic problem about baseball: best of all possible worlds.

Black Friday

Linky Friday: Black Friday

Linky Friday, Ordinary Times’ end of week tradition of bringing you stories from across the web and around the world. This week, the spectacle of Black Friday to read, share, and discuss.


Wednesday Writs for 11/21

Your Wednesday Writs for 11/21 with links to legal and law stories such as case of the week, bad lawyers, dumb crooks, and Missouri laws on drastic measures to deal with runaway bulls.