Alabama Police Kill Emantic Bradford Jr.


Sam Wilkinson

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Another bit of evidence that black men in America are not allowed (by the police) to be armed. Hell, not even black cops are allowed to be armed unless they are in uniform.Report

    • @oscar-gordon That story is impressively awful. I suppose it didn’t get more attention because he survived his run-in with his colleagues but good lord. One wonders what exactly it would take for police departments to both acknowledge that they have a serious problem, and to substantively attempt to address it. I suppose the answer is substantive, meaningful consequences – including arrests, prosecutions, yanked retirement, etc – but those seem so unbelievably far off in the current environment.Report

      • Avatar Oscar Gordon in reply to Sam Wilkinson says:

        Thing is, it makes sense. For years, the drug war has made black men with guns a known danger to/for police. You see a black man running with a gun, he’s a danger to someone, best to take him out.

        Problem is, that is explanatory, not justification. Police seem to have a problem separating those two ideas. And why shouldn’t they, since immunity and the willingness of courts and juries to accept the ‘feared for my life’ justification has made the need to understand that distinction moot.

        As much as I am critical of police, the fault for the current state of affairs lies with the courts (for creating and upholding the idea of immunity) and with juries, for letting it stand..Report

        • Avatar Maribou in reply to Oscar Gordon says:

          @oscar I think a lot of people seem to have a problem separating “explanatory” and “justification”. It may be a general human flaw.

          (Which I mention as part of “explanation”, not “justification,” *of course*.)

          I was just listening to a long Van Jones interview where he was talking about how people are so averse to seeming like they’re justifying the unjustifiable that they won’t even dabble in explaining/analyzing it to themselves – which is a hobble when it comes to stopping the unjustifiable from continuing to happen.

          Not sure I agree but it was an interesting argument.Report

      • Avatar pillsy in reply to Sam Wilkinson says:

        It would be a step in the right direction if departments would stop firing cops for not shooting people.Report