The Weekend Plans Post: The Last Non-Crazy Weekend For A While


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17 Responses

  1. jason says:

    This is the start of Thanksgiving Break–our school has the whole week of Thanksgiving off. Tomorrow, my wife has to run the administrative side of a clinic at her work, so I’ll probably wake up early (about 4 or so-0 dark thirty). I’ll use some of the time this week to catch up painting my legion minis.

    I need to get the tires rotated on her car, so I’ll probably drive her to work in the morning and then play some x-wing in the afternoon. My mom has to give up her dog due to health reasons, so I’ll probably be arranging a meet and great, too. This is one time I’m glad for social media: I put a shout out, friends shared, and we have multiple takers. Since the people asking are friends of friends, I know the dog will have a good home.Report

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Thanksgiving break. If all goes well, around 5 this afternoon I get on a train for Illinois.

    It will be kind of a crazy week next week: my mother is having cataract surgery and I don’t know for sure how much she will be allowed/able to do after that (so am counting on doing most of the cooking of the big meal myself). My brother commented earlier this week that his daughter ‘seems to have a little virus’ and I am REALLY hoping that she’s either over it, or they delay traveling a day or to for her to get over it; I don’t need to get sick and since I’m basically a hermit, I’m not sure how good my immune system is with unfamiliar viruses.

    They are probably also bringing their dog but I am okay with that; their dog is uncommonly well-behaved for a dog. In fact, I hope they’ll bring the dog; saying “I think he needs a walk” and offering to do it is my low-key way of going “all y’all are driving me crazy and I need some air”

    I am HOPING to get at least a few minutes to myself and maybe be able to run out to the big bookstore in their town (something my town does not boast), but I’m not planning on it.Report

  3. My kids, like many others down here, lost almost all their Thanksgiving holiday from school due to missing almost two weeks of school for the hurricane and aftermath flooding. I have traveling on the docket for this weekend, but like Jay says after this weekend its full bore lunacy till the first of the year.Report

  4. Reformed Republican says:

    Tomorrow morning I am taking the GMAT. I have not really given to much thought to what I will be doing after that. I suspect tomorrow night will involve a lot of alcohol.Report

  5. Aaron David says:

    So, Thursday morning, I realized that after the time my house should be warming up from furnace activity, it was still morning chilly. Check the thermostat and it is set right, manually jump the blowing into working but can’t jump the ignition to light the gas. Check it out downstairs, and low and behold the inducer motor is no longer working, and its an $800 part, due to my furnace being 17 years old. Talk to the HVAC guys and it will be 4k for a new heater. I am not dumping most of a grand on something that old, so a new furnace it is. But not until Monday. That is the earliest they can get a new one installed.

    So, a brisk weekend for me and the wife.

    Fortunately, we have a fireplace that we just restored, and I pulled an old space heater up from the basement. But still, getting out of bed when it should be 68 but is 62 is hard on my old bones.Report

  6. Maribou says:

    Babe, we’re not in charge of the pie. We’re expressly banned from taking charge of the pie (I know, I know).

    We’re in charge of cheese and crackers, just do like you did for A&S’s house and it will be fabulous.

    As for me, my neck really f’in hurts in a way that has proved painkiller/treatment-impervious, and I will no doubt spend the weekend trying to get to a place where my neck does not hurt because right now it’s the most salient fact in my life. *twitches*Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Maribou says:

      Wait. What?

      This is an outrage.Report

      • Maribou in reply to Jaybird says:

        @jaybird you and your mom had a whole conversation about it when we went over there for dinner and she told you she was bringing all the pies and you were not to bring pies but you could choose between cheese and crackers or a veggie tray.

        I said we were doing the cheese and crackers.

        You said “but what about the no-sugar-added apple?”

        She explained that was no longer needed and you were, again, not to buy any pies.

        I’m pretty sure you said “FINE” and went into the other room for a minute.

        You can call her if you don’t believe me….Report

  7. Burt Likko says:

    Tomorrow will be my two-month anniversary as a Portlander, and I am finally having my housewarming!

    Which means finishing up all the things that I’ve been meaning to do to improve the place, including hanging my artwork on the walls and cleaning the floors (which have lots of plaster dust on them from hanging said artwork). And then shopping for the spread — I’ve called for a potluck but I still am putting things out and providing adult beverages. And then …. oy. Miles to go before I can do this. And me meeting up with a trivia group tonight!

    Should any OT’ers happen to be in PDX or the area, you should drop by! In the evening, after I’ve got everything squared away!

    Sunday, since my Packers will not be playing, will be a day of relative rest, in which I shall hope for good weather and perhaps hike a bit in Forest Park.Report