Sunday Morning: The Problem With Punchlines



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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Fish says:

    Heh. I just watched the first three episodes of season 1 (on NetFlix!) last night. Right now I’m watching Arsenal shit the bed at home against Wolverhampton and trying to remind myself that I watch sports for entertainment.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Monty Python was all about defying expectations:

    Don’t have punchlines.
    Abandon situations with no warning at all.
    When you’ve beaten a joke into the ground, repeat it a lot more.

    The irony is that we show our appreciation by memorizing their stuff and repeating it verbatim. No one would have expected that.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Likely apocryphal, but the musical mice and the Muppophone both had a much earlier antecedent: the cat organ.

    And then there’s the Furby Organ (Youtube link)

    (I still have a vintage 1998 Furby. It still works. I wake it up some times. So I’m slightly horrified at the idea of this organ, but then I tend to imbue inanimate objects with “living” qualities)Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    The Flying Circus was never that funny to me, I much prefer the movies. Generally, because they had a bit of history to hang their hats on. The Circus just seem so much schoolboy sniggering. I guess it comes down to how you find something humorous, rather than what you find. I tend toward longer build-ups, callbacks after long absences, and just generally more clever applications than broad strokes.

    Reading an old Arturo Perez Reverte, The Nautical Chart.Report

  5. Avatar DensityDuck says:

    In today’s absurdist meme-based world, I’m surprised that the Flying Circus hasn’t come ’round again.

    I guess in the future everyone will be part of Monty Python for fifteen minutes.Report