Sunday Morning: Mama’s Biscuits



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  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    I cooked my last deer roast last night. I sliced it into 1/4 inch fillets and then seasoned those on both sides. It went into a medium-hot pan with some olive oil for a nice sear. After flipping a few minutes later, I added a half-stick of butter to the pan and when it was melted I began to spoon it onto the fillets. When they were finished ( I like mine medium-rare) I transferred those to the plate and then splashed a little Worcestershire sauce into the butter. When this was well mixed I added some diced onions I had sauteed earlier. This was then poured over the deer fillets. I served it alongside some tater tots because it was the only potato product I could find in the house. Not too bad for a Saturday night.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    One additional recipe I have been making lately and falling in love with for it’s simplicity:

    – Sautee some diced onions and spinach (or an other vegetables you like) in a pan with some olive oil
    – Add diced or shredded meat of your choice (I have been using Polish sausage recently)
    – When vegetables and meat are cooked to your liking, add about half-cup of chicken stock
    – Add in about 3/4 cup stuffing cubes (I use Peppridge Farms but even StoveTop will work
    – Begin mixing everything together until the stuffing is fairly moist and almost doughy (you can add more broth if needed or a little more bread cubes if it is too soupy)
    – When stuffing has dough-like consistency spread the entire mixture out evenly across the bottom of the pan and then leave it alone for about 3 minutes
    – Place a plate on top of pan and (carefully) flip the pan over
    – You should have a sort of ‘loaded’ stuffing pancake – crispy on one side and still a bit soft on the other.
    – Enjoy

    *Note: This works best in a good non-stick skillet and it’s also good to add a little extra oil and swish it around before the broth goes in.

    ** Note: You can also substitute 3 beaten eggs instead of broth for a different take on this. I usually choose crumbled bacon as my meat when I do it this wayReport

  3. Avatar jason says:

    We did some prep cooking this weekend. Homemade chicken soup–take a whole chicken from the supermarket, 4 or 5 celery stalks, 4 or 5 carrots, a couple of onions and simmer until the chicken is cooked -standard method, I guess. Today was posole and meat sauce for pasta. Posole is simple but delicious–ground pork, an onion, enchilada sauce, chicken stock and hominy.

    We’ll have about nine large containers for three different types of meals–it should cover us for the next week and a half.Report