Saturday Morning Gaming: What Kind of Bad Guy Are You?



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6 Responses


    Let ’em run away. Either they’ll build my reputation, or reckon they owe me a solid for sparing their oily hides.Report

  2. Avatar Pinky says:

    My gaming story from the past week: we were playing a home-brewed D&D type game. My character was defenseless, and had a random encounter. I rolled 3d6: 1, 1, 1. The other character attacked: 1, 1, and one die went off the table and came up 1. We almost counted it because of the absurdity of it, but he rerolled: it came up a 1. We decided that the two characters had somehow walked right past each other without noticing.

    The odds of seven 1’s in a row are 1 in 279936.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      That’s freaking awesome.

      And explains why you should never let your players make a roll that you won’t be able to handle them succeeding at rolling. And never let your players make a roll that you won’t be able to handle them critically failing.Report

  3. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    I tend to be the pragmatic bad guy in video games. If there is a better reward at the other end, I will usually be bad. If it does not matter, or I will end up worse off, then I will not do the bad action. It seems like most video games tend to punish the bad actions, making being the bad guy a suboptimal way to play. On the one hand, I understand why many games do not want to reward being bad, but on the other hand, in real life people typically do bad things because it benefits them more than being good.

    In my own gaming, I am about 2 hours into The Witcher 3, so not much to say about it yet. My wife and I are also playing through Monster Hunter World together. It is a good time when not plagued by connection issues. Getting disconnected in during a difficult fight is not fun.Report

    • Avatar DavidTC says:

      I’ll again tell the funniest _non_pragmatic villainy I’ve ever seen: The evil karma choice at the end of Fallout 3.

      The plot of Fallout 3 has you building and turning on (And dying while you do so) a water purification system in a post-apocalyptic world. During this game, you are handed a virus that will hurt and eventually kill people who do not have pure genetics, the people who lived the last 200 years in the radioactive world instead of safely sealed in underground vaults, like you had been, and you were asked to put it _into_ the water purification system. And…this didn’t do anything originally, because it was basically the last choice you made in the game before dying because you turned the machine on

      And then they released a DLC that said you didn’t die, but been unconscious, and you got to live in that world.

      And people starting posting on the forums that they were mysteriously getting injured by the water. Because, as was blatantly explained during the game, while _you_ lived in a vault…your father and mother were from the outside, and had joined the vault when you were born. You literally can’t miss this fact, it’s an important plot point, and if you’re paying the _slightest_ attention to what the virus is supposed to do, you will understand you obviously have the same slow genetic damage from radiation as everyone aboveground, so you will get hurt and killed by what you’re doing, if you live through it.

      But a lot of players were apparently Evil Stupid alignment, so did the evil choice that couldn’t possibly benefit them.Report