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Maribou is a voracious reader who also likes to watch, stare at, and listen to stuff. Occasionally he makes stuff, too. They work in a small liberal arts college library, and share a house in Colorado with their husband Jaybird, three cats, and what looms ever closer to ten thousand books. She is identifiable as genderfluid, trans, farm-raised, citified, and bisexual, among a plethora of other adjectives.

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  1. Sunday brunch for my mom’s 95th b-day. She lives in a nearby supported living place, so Karen will pick her up and bring her over, and our daughter will come by too.

    Really looking forward to it.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    One thing that 20 years of marriage has taught me:

    While there isn’t a *PERFECT* correlation between smashing the cake in the other person’s face and divorce in the first few years, it’s a pretty dang strong correlation.

    Same goes for gently feeding the other person without smashing and not getting divorced in the first few years.Report

    • fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

      Data point of one, but, IIRC, my brother and sister-in-law did neither, they just cut slices of cake for each other and then let the other person eat it, no feeding, no smashing. It is their 20th anniversary just before Christmas this year.

      (I need not say they are still married?)

      My weekend plans – I have to make Carne Machaca (I do it in the slow cooker) for a potluck on Sunday. Probably will go into the office for a bit tomorrow, I need to clean it up and I also should get the next few weeks’ worth of material updated.

      Other than that, just relaxing. I gave (and graded) three exams this week so I’m a little wiped.Report

  3. I was remiss in my first comment – Congrats to you both!

    Our comparable restaurant went out of business years ago. It was decorated with huge so-bad-they-were-great murals of Greece. There were two waitresses, the middle aged one called everyone “Honey”, so we called her the same, the other was a younger woman, Tina, who always seemed sad. The food was always very good, and the prices cheaper than they should have been.

    Yeah, those first few years can have a lot of challenges. Never noticed the cake thing though. You may be right. We were a gently feeding couple and have made it to 41 so far. The only really smashing couple I can think of barely made it to 6 months.Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Congratulations! 19 years is a heck of a time. The wife and I celebrated out 13th a couple of weekends ago (it really was on Monday before, but I was out of town that weekend) with a very nice meal at a very walkable restaurant (woo hoo old neighborhood in a small town.) And getting through those first few was not a peach. But no cake mashed in the face for us.

    No real plans for me, except getting over this damn cold. That and raking the fall leaves. And lighting the first fire of the year.Report

  5. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    Mazel tov.Report

  6. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    Conratulations to you both!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone smash a cake into someone’s face at a wedding. I don’t recall whether we actually fed one another cake or not. My uncle and aunt, whom I last saw 16 years ago at our wedding, recently crossed the Atlantic to visit. My mum served sacher torte – the same kind of cake we used for our wedding cake. My aunt remembered driving to the wedding from my parents’ place, in the hot car, with the cake in her lap, terrified it would melt and slide all over her dress.

    In half an hour or so I’m going to head off to an ecstatic dance thingy – first of a monthly series that goes through to spring.

    Tomorrow, heading to Calgary with some friends for a hippy rave-ish halloween party. Sunday night, visit Mr. T’s mum rather than coming all the way home, because my work on Monday is basically halfway back to Calgary, and only 20 minutes from Mr T’s mum’s place.

    At some point I have to actually make my halloween costume.Report

  7. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Congratulations! We celebrated our 38th a couple of months ago. Every time I read a piece or a comment thread about dating here, I just cringe at the thought. I’d have no idea how to even start.Report

  8. Avatar atomickristin says:

    Hey, that’s wonderful! Huge congrats!Report

  9. Avatar Road Scholar says:

    I’m a little confused; 19 or 20? In any case Congratulations!Report

  10. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    Congrats! Lots of October anniversaries these days.

    We have a picture on our bedroom wall from our wedding and we got a really wide matte and had all the guests sign it. We sometimes marvel at how many of the couples are now divorced. I don’t recall the cake-smashing % but I would guess Jaybird’s theory has some validity. I made it clear to my wife before the wedding that I did not like the cake smash thing and would not be doing so. When it comes to mischievous impulse control, I occasionally compare her to Lucy with a football, so I really wasn’t sure how it would go until that moment. Thankfully we had peace and we celebrate our 14th on Tuesday.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Thank you!

      (I guess I’m pleased that there are a handful of people who have never heard of the cake smash. The cake smash was one of the things that I remember my parents complaining about as they drove home from a handful of weddings back when I was a little kid.)Report

  11. Avatar Slade the Leveller says:

    Congratulations, you two! We hit 27 about a month ago solely because there was no smashed cake on our wedding day.Report

  12. Avatar Mike Schilling says: