Linky Friday: A Conspiracy, That’s What This Is


“Everyone loves a conspiracy.”
– Dan Brown

Linky Friday: A Conspiracy, That’s What This Is

[Co1] On the web, it’s often hard to tell conspiracy theory from facts—and either way, speculating about which celebs are immortal vampires and which are secretly lizards is mostly harmless fun (and excellent meme fodder).

[Co2] “Most conspiracy theories reside permanently in the murky corners of the internet. QAnon is the rare breakout hit.

[Co3] The primary question of this essay is to explore whether this crusade against Dungeons and Dragons can be categorized as a conspiracy theory.

[Co4] Has there ever been a benign conspiracy or are they always sneaky? The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts

[Co5] There is no name that looms larger in the imagination of the fringe right than George Soros. In conspiracy lore, Soros has single-handedly supplanted the Rothschilds as the rich, Jewish head of a shadow operation primed to create a one-world government, eradicate the white race, and…turn the “freakin’ frogs gay.”


[Co6] The OG: “Unsealed Clinton Docs Shed Light on ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'”

[Co7] If there is a question that endures across generations of television watchers, it is, “why the f*ck did the Howells pack so many f*ckin’ clothes for a run-of-the-mill three-hour tour of the Hawaiian islands?

[Co8] Right-wing conspiracy nuts refuse to let go of their Seth Rich fantasy.

[Co10] What conspiracy belief comes down to is a theory based on the assumption that things go wrong because they are planned that way. Frustrated by failure they begin to search for a villian.

[Co11] The Christian conspiracies that keep evangelicals on Trump’s side

[Co12] Marine, 3 civilians accused in $1.5 million Parris Island razor blade conspiracy, theft

[Co13] Profiling a Conspiracy Theorist: Why Some People Believe

[Co14] Who believes in conspiracies? New research offers a theory: People with certain personality traits and cognitive styles are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories

[Co15] Here is a roundup of some of the wildest, most believable, and, might we add, unproven conspiracy theories that claim Tupac is alive and well.

[Co16] I have a conspiracy theory about free birthday desserts at restaurants[Co17]

[Co18] The Elite Legal World’s ‘Conspiracy of Silence’: What do the Kavanaugh hearings reveal about many of our top law schools, professors, judges and former clerks? A self-interested blindness, where every incentive works in favor of those with the most power.

[Co19] What a headline: Riverdale Actor Denies Conspiring With Courtney Love to Murder Frances Bean’s Ex-Husband

[Co20] Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones apparently isn’t taking his de-platforming well and has been reduced to…well, just watch.

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  1. One of the interesting things about being a Jew is that there are tens or hundreds of millions of people that believe you to be the source of all evil in the world. The number of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists most likely outnumber the world’s entire Jewish civilization. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are flexible. We are capitalists Communists, anti-white, anti-people of color, anti-religion, pro-religion, and anti-male or anti-female at the same time.

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