Saturday Morning Gaming: One Week Away From Red Dead Redemption 2



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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Murali says:

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker

    In some ways, it’s (esp ch 1) a lot like playing BG2 or icewind dale. (well because the pathfinder is basically 3.5 with some added stuff)

    They’ve decided to stick much closer to the source than computerisations of DnD tend to.

    I’ve just started chapter 2 and there is the whole kingdom building mechanics which I’m worried aboutReport

  2. Avatar Andrew S. says:

    Finished up a game of AI War: Fleet Command, which is a game I have fun with and am learning things about but still don’t understand, other than maybe it’s too long and has too many ship types for its own good. (the elevator pitch, if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a macro-oriented RTS that is completely asymmetrical — the AI, created by humans, has gotten out of control and won the last war, conquering the galaxy, but it believes it has bigger problems than stamping out the last remnants of humanity, so it just throws half-hearted attacks at you from time to time. Unless you do things to get its attention. You need to do enough of them to allow you to get strong enough to destroy its homeworld systems, but not so many that its response squashes you flat.)

    The sequel released into early access this week, but I expect the original will hold my attention for a while yet; I’m trying to immerse myself slowly and there are rather a lot of pieces I haven’t gotten to yet.Report



    I hope RDR2 revamps the annoying shoot-off minigame. I found it to be a frustrating endeavor.Report

  4. Avatar Aaron says:

    They seem to be building upon the first RDRD and improving. I just hope they do Undead Nightmare too.Report