Saturday Morning Gaming: On What It Means to “Beat” a Game



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5 Responses


    Played 3 hours of Rimworld today. Everyone has Mediocre expectations. Built my first hospital. Ten colonists, but nobody’s married nor hooked up.Report

  2. Avatar Damon says:

    I always consider “beat” as finished the game. Not on any set difficulty setting or doing all the side quests, but just completing it. However, I tend to do side quests and, depending upon the game, do various endings. And on games with achievements, I will work on those as well…but it’s not an obsession.Report

  3. Well, I used to “beat” games but now I feel that with life and work I don’t have so much time to spend it on a video game. What I do now is complete the main story mostly and depends on whether or not the side quest is worth doing. I mostly buy multiplayer games now to play with friends from time to time.Report

  4. Avatar Joshua says:

    I consider Beat when you achieve 100% in the game.Report

  5. Avatar Aaron says:

    Beating a game is just finishing all the story missions and side missions. Completing a game is when you achieve 100%, at least that’s how I see it.Report