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  1. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    Just back from a business trip to NYC… where we had an event on a Degraw St. in Brooklyn… So I immediately started looking around for Saul.Report

  2. Avatar aaron david says:

    On a business trip to Tacoma which goes until Sat… Unless I feel I need to stay longer, as my wife kept insisting… But it is nice up here! Wish business was a little better though…

    Did go to the largest used bookstore in Washington, which was nice. It was my kind of shop, books stacked haphazardly as they bought more books that they could deal with, which is nice. Found some good things, talked shop with the owner for a bit, felt all was right in his world.Report

  3. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    We need to work on your phonetic alphabet.

    Bug has all of next week off of school (AZ has a week long fall break), so we are heading to Carlsbad, CA. Got two days at LegoLand, a few days at the SD Zoo, some other things tossed in there. Bugs girlfriend is joining us for a couple of days while her mom decompresses.

    Carlsbad is right near Camp Pendleton, which is where ACU-5 is located. Last month, I dropped a line to the Public Affairs Officer and got permission to bring the kids by for a tour, so Bug and C will get to see what I did in the Navy. Probably won’t be able to go for a ride on an LCAC (paperwork requirements these days are considerable, I hear), but should be able to tour one, and maybe see some flying around.Report

  4. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    One time, our modem was fried by a power surge, it was a Friday afternoon, and my ISP closed early, so I went the weekend and a couple more days before they could ship us another one.

    I did not like that, Sam-I-am.

    This weekend my sister and her husband is coming to visit. They are bringing a 15 year old who is said to be a board game nerd. This bodes well.Report

  5. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    That’s why phones have a wifi hotspot feature, isn’t it? Not as fast, but at least access to the basics is there. The only lengthy outage we’ve had lately was a power outage that went on longer than the backup power for my desktop and cable modem.

    The weather forecast says we might hit freezing Sunday or Monday night, so (temporarily) drain the above-ground parts of the sprinkler system. Check the tomato bushes and see if there are any that can be picked and ripened indoors.Report

  6. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    We were going to go camping for Thanksgiving per longstanding tradition in Mr T’s family, but then there was a big ugly snowstorm where we were going to camp. So now the plan is a gathering at some relatives’ house.

    So tonight we make the sweet potato casserole for Saturday supper, get the stuff for fruit salad for Sunday breakfast, pack up all the things, set out, turn back for the things we forgot, and finally arrive much later than anticipated.Report

  7. Avatar Pinky says:

    Gremlins, Inc. is on sale on Steam, as are the add-ons and bundles and stuff.Report

  8. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Really hoping it’s less eventful than today was, whatever it is:

    – Had to mow and edge my lawn because the grass was *almost* too tall and it’s supposed rain forever starting tomorrow afternoon and there are also just enough a-holes in city hall that one of them might come after me for “unkempt lawn” (I’ve known it to happen to people)

    – Came home to a broken toilet (the internal mechanism – the thing that triggers the tank refill, I forget what it’s called – had died). At first didn’t realize that was the issue, called a plumber. They couldn’t send anyone out before Monday. I have one toilet in the house and zero monies to stay in a motel and no desire to dig a latrine in the backyard or whatever other damn options I had.

    Took the toilet apart and found that I THOUGHT I had turned off the water intake valve but had not, totally, turned it off. (At least now I had to mop the floor). Took the bits to Lowe’s and found a replacement and changed it out. Had someone run a stop sign and nearly hit me on the way home.

    – Didn’t get the exams graded I was planning on grading.

    I have fieldwork with my student tomorrow provided it’s not raining.

    I hope someday to have a life that does not consist of me running from crisis to crisis and figuring which finger I can pull out of a leak in the dam without causing a massive flood, but I’m beginning to despair of that ever being the case.

    I also got BOTH mansplained and humblebragged at at the same time today by an individual who has done it before. I should be able to let that kind of crap roll off me by now but today it hit me at a vulnerable time and I just wound up feeling bad about it (the thing that I was humblebragged at about, because it’s not something I’m doing) for much of the rest of the day.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      As the guy in the neighborhood who gets hit with “unkempt lawn” letters every other year?

      Lemme tell ya:

      It ain’t so bad.

      As for the Stop Sign, the grading, the mansplaining, and the humblebragging… I can’t really offer anything more than “use GrubHub”. I wish I had more to offer than “not leaving the house but eating deep fried food anyways”. If you were in Colorado, we could take you to the little dive next to the campus where teenagers bring you overdone burgers and veggies/ranch… but you’re not so here we are.

      In the short run, just know that Team Colorado is saying “Heck With Those People.”Report

      • Avatar Maribou says:

        It ain’t so bad for the person who doesn’t have to call all the lawn places and get it dealt with, pardner.

        @fillyjonk Sorry you had such a cruddy day today.Report

        • fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

          thanks, yeah.

          Part of it is just unpartnered-person problems: literally no one to run interference for me so at times it feels like everything falls on me. (I could hire a lawn service, but: my lawn is small and friends of mine who have them say often you have to nag them to come out, and I’d rather just do my own lawn than have to call a relative stranger on the phone).

          Things are a little better right now; fieldwork is done and maybe I can get the exams graded this afternoon, especially if I find something that I can “watch” on tv without having to pay attention to it (aka “background noise” tv)

          But teaching four different classes is for the birds. Even my mansplainy colleague recognizes that. But it’s my reality now because I am the only one who can teach three of the four classes in question,Report

  9. Avatar Maribou says:

    I am in Montreal at a con with my sister.

    So far so good.

    On Monday we start our road trip…. woo.Report

  10. Avatar George Turner says:

    I was just reading outstanding reviews of Cherry by Nico Walker. He’s being compared to Heller, Hemingway, and J.D. Salinger. Fortunately, Kentucky gets to keep him here until 2020, whereas all too often we quickly lose great authors to New York or LA.Report