Wages on the Borderline

Will Truman

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  1. Michael Cain says:

    Amazon announced that effective Nov 1, it will pay a $15/hr minimum wage for all US employees, including seasonal workers.

    The Denver Post recently ran a story about the difficulties Amazon was having filling positions at its new warehouse on the north side of the metro area. One of the people they interviewed, who had applied at Amazon and two other large employers opening in that area, said that the problem was simple: “$12/hr and no benefits.”Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Michael Cain says:

      Maribou and I had a conversation about this a few moments ago.

      I came up in the 90’s as a temp worker in a Global Conglomerate company. A handful of co-workers (real employees of the company and everything) started in temp positions similar to my own. Bust your ass, make the company look good, hey, maybe you’ll get picked up too. These guys did.

      This was right around the time of Vizcaino v. Microsoft, if I remember correctly.

      I worked as a temp for a while and then congress passed “Permatemp” legislation protecting me and mine. I was pleased for a short while but I had a conversation with one of my fun and really skilled co-workers who was being laid off. He told me that anybody else’s job wasn’t in jeopardy or anything, management just told him that he’d worked there for almost two years and they were laying him off for 3 months and they’d give him a bonus that’d allow him to buy a PS2 and they wanted to hire him again when the 3 months were over.

      I was a lot less excited about the Permatemp protections after that conversation.

      Anyway, I lost my job as a temp shortly after that and was quickly hired by a “Managed Services” company (as an employee and everything!) and contracted out to the Global Conglomerate to do the temp job I had just lost.

      All that to say: $15/hr for employees? Including seasonal ones? I’ll be excited when I find out whether the warehouses in question have employees working in them or whether the employees transition over to “Managed Services” working for a different company entirely.Report

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    A real life economic experiment!Report

  3. Mr.JoeM says:

    NPR started the ball rolling on a discussion of a mall in CA that straddled San Jose and Santa Clara. Others jumped into the fold with additional interesting anecdotes and discussion.

    If you did not see it back then, here is good place to start off into a clickhole. https://www.uschamber.com/above-the-fold/tale-two-wages-california-mall-straddles-minimum-wage-boundaryReport