Monthly Archive: October 2018

Wednesday Writs for 10/31/2018

Your weekly round-up of law-related links, from dumb criminals and obscure cases to recent developments of note.

The Unforgivable Sin of Student Loans

Student loan debt has surpassed auto loans and credit cards to become the second largest type of consumer debt in the country, behind home mortgages. Some predict that the effects of the student loan bubble popping will have similar effects as the housing market collapse of 2008.

The Peopling of North America

New discoveries and what they say about the settlement of North and South America by ancient peoples.

Futlity of Protest

The End of Protest

Marching and chanting have lost the power to move the needle. There are exceptions of course, but I contend that protest has an ever diminishing power to move us. With a few caveats (border policy on children for example) It’s hard to point to any policy changes that are a direct result of a protest movement in the last 5 years, in spite of record setting rallies and marches.


Ordinary World for 29 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World Links for Monday, 29 October, 2018, with thought and philosophy the subject to read, share, and discuss at Ordinary Times.


Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Ordinary Sunday Brunch is Ordinary Times cultural quick links for you enjoyment. This week; music, art, history, and food, with music to read, share, and discuss.