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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Without dipping into politics, there are some strange and uncomfortable parallels between the sentimental anti-gentrification argument (as shown in this song/video) and some of the arguments given against immigration in general.

    Change, please don’t change
    Stay, stay the same

    • Avatar Doctor Jay says:

      So true. As someone who visits SF and walks through the Mission nearly every week, the video feels a bit different. We all hate change, but we have only a limited power to stop it.Report

  2. Avatar aaron david says:

    My son went to college in the town I went to school in, that I grew up in (my old man was a professor at that school.) I had left to marry his mother in another part of the state in the, ahem, ’90’s and slowly my family had moved away, retired or gone to find greener pastures. Friends did the same as the town became more and more pricey, and, well changed. You see, growing up one could consider it the farthest south part of Northern California. And it slowly became the most northern part of Southern California. And thus a different town. Sure, the used bookstore that I worked was still there (one of them at least), the record stores I haunted. The bar that townies go to moved, but kept the actual bar intact.

    But the town is not the same town I grew up in.

    A little latin jazz: