Daily Archive: September 18, 2018


There was an old Herman (by Jim Unger) cartoon that showed a mummy talking to a guy wearing stereotypical ancient Egyptian dress and the mummy was pointing, with arm outstretched, saying “none of those buildings used to be there”.

A beautiful song about (against) gentrification. And breaking up. And getting older. And memories fading.

Tech Tuesday – 9/17 – Asymptomatic Sick Kids Are A Nightmare Edition

Last week Bug developed hives all over his body. Misses school for the rest of the week. Freaked us out, because to date, he has no known allergies. Urgent care put him on Benadryl, which did nothing. Two days later, PCP puts him on Prednisone, which ended the hives, and spun him up so much we spent a day letting him run around the Arizona Science Center (nice place, BTW). Yesterday I get a call that the throat swab the PCP took came back positive for Strep (the quick test was negative), turns out the kid has Scarlet Fever, sans the fever, or the sore throat, or the vomiting…