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    > Swinging is *FUN*

    Yes, but then you have to deal with so much drama…Report

  2. DavidTC says:

    I’m playing Tomb Raider 3. I’m mostly through the game, and at the place that looks like the point of no return (Mostly because it is literally called the Point of No Return.), so I’m clearing up collectible and side quests. The save game says I’m 75% done, but I have no idea how much of the remaining is the main quest vs collectibles. The last time I sorta explored everywhere first, this time I went much more direct.

    I have to say, plotwise, this thing seems a disappointment compared to the previous two games, but that’s possible because I literally haven’t figured out the plot yet. There is, supposedly, some absurd thing that is going to happen (Which I was told about near the start of the game, and several people have independently informed me of it, so it probably has _something_ true in it, but probably not exactly…like the previous two games.) and…at this point I’m not sure how to fix it, or avoid it, and in fact no one’s even mentioned that it is avoidable, just…controllable. The plot has actually been pretty thin to this point. But maybe it will pick up in the end.

    Everything else…well, it’s just like the second, game, really. A few new movement mechanics, and the different parts of the difficulty levels are adjustable. I don’t recall this much swimming in previous games? The puzzles seems a bit simpler, maybe?

    There are a lot more city areas than last game, including a rather large one. I’m not quite sure of my opinion yet, I’m really hoping the plot gets more interesting at the end.Report