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  1. Batman is the superhero who isn’t magic. He isn’t from another planet, and he didn’t get irradiated or bitten or granted an alien doo-dad; he’s Batman purely because he worked hard to become that.

    This is also true of the “costumes” in Watchmen (with one obvious exception). I don’t think that’s a comment on Batman in particular, just that the setting works better without magic. Though the one that’s closest to Batman in being rich, brilliant, and inventive, in Ozymandias. Who is the one that thinks there’s a cure for the world’s ills, even thugh it’s pretty drastic.Report

  2. I’m re-reading Glass Bead Game. I read it for the first time about 18 years ago.

    I’m also re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    I plan to soon re-read John Christopher’s Tripods trilogy and read (for the first time) his prequel.Report

  3. atomickristin says:

    I find there’s a lot to chew on in the Dark Phoenix saga. (not the awful movie version, the comic – there’s a new movie coming out, hopefully they do it credit this time)

    Personally I prefer it to Batman and Spiderman since their subtext ground has been covered in many different forms and the Dark Phoenix subtext is barely explored.Report