Morning Ed: Creatures {2018.09.05.W}

[Cr1] Looks like we’re medicating orca!

[Cr2] What are the implication of the lazy freeloader ants for the ant vs grasshopper fable? Or, for that matter, the UBI?

[Cr3] You, too, can adopt conscientious objectors in the drug war. (Not my breeds, to be honest, but if they were!)

[Cr4] I’d say that Omena is going to the dogs but it was a cat that won.

[Cr5] A statue in Mexico is being built for a dog that deserves it. Also, a heroic goat.

[Cr6] Spiders are natures true supervillains. Emphasis on “super.”

[Cr7] Emu on the loose!

[Cr8] One thing lead to another, and long story short there are some abandoned crocodiles in Israel.


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3 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Creatures {2018.09.05.W}

  1. [Cr5] Heroic Goat or, erm, horny goat? During the summer/fall we keep the Ram (male sheep) with the Goats and the Buck (male goat) with the Sheep and once made the mistake of leaving the flocks adjacent to each other. As the females started to come into estrus, the males saw the gates as minor impediments to luv… the Buck was the main culprit… he bent the gates (3 different ones) by charging right into the middle until they bowed enough that he could push through. Oops. We had baby goats in January.

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