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  1. Jaybird says:

    If you’ve never seen Richard Feynman explain why mirrors flip left and right around but not up and down around, you’re in for a treat:

    • PROFESSOR ESPERANTO in reply to Jaybird says:

      But does he explain why if you go to one side of a mirror, really close, you can see stuff that the mirror can’t “see”?

      Also why isn’t OT saving my name and email, making me enter it every time like before?Report

  2. Aaron David says:

    Re: Cooldad. My son and I have often talked about this, as I am 10-20 years younger than most of the parents of his friends (I was 24 when he was born.) The sheer trying-too-hard-ness of many of these fathers is breathtaking. It used to be the sports dads, battling middle age with little league angst, but it has moved into music and movies and books and all aspects of pop culture. Seeing these old dudes with skinny jeans, ironic tee’s, blue hair, trying desperately to be the kid’s friend… not realizing how much the kid thinks they are idiots.

    The two of us, back in February, drove across the states when he moved from Sacramento to Philidelphia. Eight days of going back and forth on the music, playing albums or playlists for each other, not trying to show how cool we were but to listen to what we thought was good. The only rule was with the controls for Spotify the passenger had to choose. It was a great time.

    I have turned back to 1Q84, which I had set aside for unknown reasons. I am thinking much of the criticism missed the mark.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    Just a note that the particular kid we are giving these particular Feynmans to already responded very enthusiastically to previously gifted-by-me-Feynmans and went out and read a ton of the “purer” stuff (Six Not-So-Easy Pieces, etc) on his own.

    In case anyone is wondering why *those* 2 particular Feynmans this time. Probably not where we’d start from scratch! Particularly the letters, which are a hefty tome.

    I’m working very hard at reading some Marilynne Robinson essays and very much enjoying the effort.Report

    • pillsy in reply to Maribou says:

      Speaking as a former teenage physics nerd, once he gets to calculus, steering him towards the full three volume set of Feynman lectures (if he hasn’t found them himself already) will almost surely delight him. I still have my set, though now that I don’t do physics anymore I rarely have reason to refer to it except nostalgia and enjoyment.Report

  4. pillsy says:

    My parents visited for part of Labor Day Weekend, and as is quasi-traditional, we saw a movie together.

    This time it was Searching, which is a pretty conventional (if well-constructed) “parent tries to find jeopardized child” thriller, except that it is presented entirely via shots of his computer screen as he tries to unravel the mystery of what happened to her from her social media presence. It’s a little contrived by necessity, and the guy uses more Facetime and watches more streamed TV news than any real human being I’ve met, but it’s still cleverly done, the pacing is good, and John Cho (of Sulu/Harold fame) gives a pretty great performance as the dad.Report

  5. Fish says:

    Just started The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings by Lars Brownworth (it feels a little lightweight, so I’d happily listen to suggestions on books about Vikings if anyone’s got ’em). Just finished Last First Snow, part of Max Gladstone’s Craft Cycle. They’re kind of a “magic-with-legal-drama” series and they’re ok. Gladstone writes good characters and knows how to make a fight scene gripping.Report

  6. Governess Dam says:

    “As a boy, I’m coming up through the 60s so I thought you know my late teens, early twenties were gonna by the most radical years of my life and I get there and it’s yeah, Pete Frampton in a kimono”
    — Mike Watt

    If you want to gift nostalgia, give your nephew a copy of the Minutemen’s “My First Bells”. It only came out on cassette.

    Then again, growing up, anyone telling me I should like something made me instantly hate it, so stick with Frampton, show them the way.Report

  7. George Turner says:

    When I was young I listened to Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Roy Rogers, and the Andrews Sisters. Peter Frampton? How many war bonds did he ever sell?Report

  8. Phaedros Aletheia says:

    How easily we forget the Peter Frampton episode of Baa Baa Black Sheep.
    A big thing of its time, but it did not launch the big Frampton acting career.
    In all fairness, stopped short by a big car accident.
    Prior to the big Ace Frehley car accident, IIRC.
    Was crashing cars before it got to be a thing.

    I prefer Frampton!
    I like the studio version of “Penny for Your Thoughts” a lot better.
    Don’t care for the live version.
    Pretty much the same for “Money.”
    And “Nowhere’s Too Far for My Baby” isn’t on Frampton Comes Alive.”

    Been listening to Extreme’s III Sides to Every Story lately.
    One of the greatest albums of all time.
    I found out this one didn’t make the CD:
    Don’t Leave Me Alone
    It was released with three other singles, as well as a boxed set; all out of print.
    Thankfully, I have the cassette, as well as the CD.

    Also, met a drummer who is into Kiss.
    That will be interesting.

    Also, teaching a developmentally disabled kid the balalaika.
    “The Tracks of My Tears” is the one we’re working on now.
    Sounds surprisingly good on the balalaika.

    I still like playing “Master of Puppets” on the thing when people ask me, “What does it sound like?”
    A: It sounds like whatever you want to make it sound like.
    I do use nylon strings on my balalaikas though.
    Strictly nylon.Report

  9. Not Surely You’re Joking, Mr, Feynman?Report