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A sequel to Human Resource Machine: 7 Billion Humans


Social Science and Fiction: Interlude

Last time, I promised you I would write a bit about microfoundations. I will not be doing that today. I apologize for breaking my promise, but it is to my great sorrow that I must digress. Instead of the planned topic, I will revisit motivation. More specifically, I will revisit my own motivation for the campaign I am running right now.

John McCain 28

The John McCain Character Test

The news that Sen. John McCain will no longer seek medical treatment for his illness brings about a chance to use the sometimes controversial Senator as a test of character. Not his, ours.


Apple Lays Down Some Foundation

It’s happening! And for once, I am sorry not to be an Apple consumer. After years of false starts, both at the movies and on TV, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation just got a 10-episode, direct-to-series...


Michael Cohen’s Recipe for Impeachment Pie

I believe the Cohen revelations raise the likelihood of impeachment precipitately. Given the new conditions what is the most likely outcome of this reality show. Will Trump get voted off the island? I see three recipes – all of them fraught.

Links 16

Linky Friday: Truth and Lies

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling links from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week truth, lies, gray areas, and consequences, with a soundtrack to match. Read, share, and enjoy.



Enough time has passed that Maribou has said that I can finally tell this story.

acolytes 217

The Plague of the Acolytes

But now we have groups, not new just louder and more visible, that we should not be labelling with the traditional terms at all. If we do, I propose repurposing a very old term for this rising class of political beings: the acolytes.

Duncan Hunter 27

Rep. Duncan Hunter and Wife Indicted

There was another indictment of note in the deluge of legal news yesterday, this time in California. Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife are subject to a 60-count indictment including wire fraud and campaign finance violations.


Asia Argento is Probably a Rapist. And Probably a Victim.

Asia Argento is a director and an actor, but to many she is better known for two things: being the girlfriend of the late and beloved Anthony Bourdain, and one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape. As recent headlines have revealed, she is also an accused rapist.

Manafort 4

Manafort Found Guilty on 8 Counts, Mistrial on Remaining 10

Paul Manafort, the one-time Trump campaign manager on trial for bank fraud and tax charges related to his overseas consulting work, was found guilty on 8 counts. The guilty verdicts include 5 Charges of tax fraud, 1 charge of hiding a foreign bank account, and 2 charges of bank fraud.

Cohen 2

Michael Cohen Surrenders As Part of Plea Deal

Michael Cohen is in custody. The long time attorney, confidante, and alleged “fixer” for President Trump has surrendered ahead of a hearing reportedly to enter a plea deal.