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  1. Avatar Maribou

    I like the rhythms of that one but… hm, it’ll probably grow on me since the others you list did (why do i always go the opposite way?)…

    I’ve been listening to this one all day:

    I also bought a single ticket (they were out of doubles in the best area and you probably don’t want to go) to see Steven Page in a tiny app-serving tavern-esque venue in late November, less than 30 bucks! So I’ve been listening to BNL a lot too.Report

  2. Avatar Phaedros


    Last week, I was moved to tears by a piece of music.
    I fault Schilling for this.
    Had he been more on the ball, I would have been moved to tears months, if not years, ago.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird

    (as it turns out, the radio station doesn’t seem to have played this since Tuesday… so maybe we won’t get the chance to get sick of it)Report

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