Rick Wilson’s 300 Page Diary Entry

Mark Kruger

Late blooming political scientist & historian, Net engineer, programmer, technology expert, bad speler, consultant and business owner.

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5 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    I haven’t read this all yet, but I have to say, that is one of the best opening lines, ever!


    Well done, sir! Very well done!Report

  2. Mark Kruger says:

    @oscar-gordon – Thanks! 🙂Report

  3. Saul Degraw says:

    “Everything Trump Touches Dies”

    This phrase strikes me as being true and also potentially hard to deal with at the same time.

    Way back when, the Italian economist and professor Luigi Zengales (sp?) argued in the NY Times that the best way to combat Trump was to stick to the issues and not get distracted by Trump’s outrageousness and personality. He said that the Italian left tripped themselves for years against Bertolucci because they were repulsed by his antics.

    As advice goes, this is harmless enough except that the walls between arguing on policy and arguing against tactic/personality might not as solid or sound as people like Professor Zengales would claim they are or want them to be.

    I loathe Trump as much as anyone on my side of the fence and am not really found of anti-anti Trump arguments either. I see Trump as having zero redeeming qualities and it seems like he proves this and more every single day through a tweet, statement, or other action.

    I think the pundit class has a view or wants their to be a view that in a democracy, political parties can not stray too far from public opinion or they will suffer the consequences. Sometimes this is true. See Labour taking nearly 20 years to gain a parliamentary majority (1979-1997) and their long exile during which they remained committed to an old-school socialism that did not appeal to the times or the British electorate. Though there is also evidence that Labour could have won in 1997 with a much more left-leaning PM in John Smith than Tony Blair. The only thing that stopped this was Smith’s death from a heart attack which led to Blair ascending to leadership. Smith might not have been Michael Foot but he was not New Labour either.

    But when it comes to Trump, popular opinion might stop them temporarily but never completely from going full speed ahead. A good example is seeing how much Sessions and Miller remain on the immigration hardliner course no matter what public opinion is against them.

    The problem with Trump and companies unique levels of horribleness is that they do turn everything they touch and whatever is adjacent to that into shit. How does one engage without being debased themselves?Report

  4. krogerfoot says:

    This is one of those reviews you’re thankful for because it saves you from having to read the book in question. (I wish I had seen one of these before purchasing John Scalzi’s Redshirts.) The direction from which Wilson’s fury flows makes him interesting on Twitter and (more intermittently) on TV, but I’ve learned not to click through to those essays of his that people approvingly pass around.Report