Monthly Archive: August 2018

Counterpoint: Don Blankenship Deserves His Spot On The Ballot

As our own Em Carpenter ably wrote Wednesday, West Virginia’s (badly hobbled) Supreme Court refused to allow Don Blankenship to appear as a candidate on the state’s ballots for its Senate election this year. This post is about that decision.


Linky Friday: Service, Server, Servant

Linky Friday is Ordinary Times’ Friday tradition of compiling links from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, Service, Server, Servant, with a soundtrack to match. Read, share, and enjoy.


The bale of hay that looks best to me.

(I’ve made a decision about the car.)


A Hell of Their Own Making

The contest of which statement, the Pope’s “no comment” or Cupich’s “bigger agenda” is the more tone deaf is a matter of personal perspective. What is becoming increasingly clear is the Vatican has no idea how to handle this present crisis it finds itself in.


A song that I’m sure we’ll be sick of before February.

But it ain’t February yet.

A Matter of Class

When distinct from economics, what’s left?


Neil Simon has passed.


West Virginia Supreme Court Impeachment Saga Continues as Governor Fills Two Seats

In his speech announcing his choices, the governor attempted no pretense about his intentions…In doing so, he has no doubt cemented the opinions of those who find the impeachment debacle to be an orchestrated coup by a Republican legislature to overthrow and take command of an entire branch of state government.