Monthly Archive: July 2018

Cohen 109

Trump-Cohen Recorded Conversation Released

The Trump Tape is here. Long-time Trump attorney, and alleged “fixer” Michael Cohen has been in the news for having “tapes” of his conversations with President Trump, and now one such recording has been aired by CNN.


Noah Hears From God While on Twitter

If God decided to destroy the earth with a flood in 2018… Noah is tapping away furiously on Twitter when he hears a thunderous voice with reverb – like he’s maxed out his Beats headphones:

Red Storm Rising 148

Red Storm Rising in My Mind

Everyone has that favorite book they have played out as a movie in their imagination. Mine is Red Storm Rising. If done properly it would be not only an epic piece of storytelling, but timely as well.



Cutting the cord, Netflix, and apparently Fox/Disney is going to become a thing. Or three things.



A fascinating video game like nothing I’ve played before:

Cultist Simulator


Linky Friday: From Which Other Things STEM

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling stories from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, From Which Other Things STEM is the theme, looking at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, soundtracked with musicians than have mastered those fields themselves.



Easing into the summertime cadence


Poll: Majority of Registered Voters Support Term-Limits for SCOTUS

Politico/Morning Consult have some polling data out, taken after the Kavanaugh SCOTUS pick, and Sixty-one percent support term limits for Supreme Court justices, support that crosses party affiliation; two-thirds of polled Democrats and 58 percent of Republicans. 20% overall oppose limits.