Morning Ed: Health {2018.07.23.M}


Will Truman

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  1. [He1] and [He2] have some overlap. It’s not just NP that are expanding, PA’s are increasing at a huge rate, and specializing into various fields. MY VA primary care provider has been a PA for several years now, and most of the front line care givers are NP when going for routine care. It’s not just the cost savings of a PA/NP over a doctor, but also due to absurd levels of DR shortages.

    One area that I have personally seen telemedicine already employed is wellness and mental health care. The VA system here has two rooms at the mental health clinic dedicated and wired for telehealth, everything from various therapies with a provider to things like mindfulness classes, even yoga, and distance consults. It seems like a natural fit for rural areas to embrace telemedicine, but I can see and understand the wariness of some, especially elderly who are likely to be a large segment of rural health care, to warm to it.Report

  2. Avatar Kolohe says:

    [He2} (#Bannoncompetes)

    (huh, that hashtag can be parsed a couple different ways)Report

  3. Avatar greginak says:

    He7 Shame yes, very much. But the very valuable well used thing cost 1.2 million dollars. Budget cuts my butt. They couldn’t find 1.2 million for that because they didn’t want to. They couldn’t find some foundation or Uni to take it over??? I find it extremely hard to believe they even tried.

    It’s going away because they ( donors) want it gone.Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    He2: As part of our family health insurance adventure this year, we’ve returned to getting our care through Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. Kaiser now supports video visits with either your regular doc or an urgent care doc without copays. One of the sequences from the “how it works” publicity video includes a man with a nasty rash on his arm showing the rash to the doc using his smart phone, who decides that it should be seen but doesn’t require an ER visit, and schedules an appointment for the member for late that afternoon.

    Granted, Kaiser is limited to the Front Range urban corridor where high-speed data is widely available. As a side note, Kaiser seems to get a lot more out of their EMR and other software systems than our previous provider, also a large multi-location practice.Report